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Age:35 Problems starts on 25th of Oct, pain on left side of chest, and burning when having a tea, coffee, spicy food or sweets. Med Tests (all normal): ECGs, Cardiac Enzyme, ETT, Echo, D-Dimer, CRP, Liver Function test – LFT, Electrolytes, creatinine and EGFR, Full blood count FBC (done so many times), Tissue Transglutaminase TTG, FERRITIN, Thyroid, A1C/HBA1C, hepatitis b & c, Cortisol, b12, Folate – serum. H.Polyri –positive on start of Dec 2016, doctors prescribed antibiotics. Endoscopy: 13/01/2017, Report: Mild erythema in fundus, body and antrum, Inlet patch in esophagus, mild pangastristis. Biopsy report: 18/01/2017 report was fine, no H-Pylori or cancel symptoms etc. Current symptoms, burning & discomfort in chest, off and on pain or discomfort in tummy, feeling like something is slowly moving in tummy (this feeling is just for few minutes once or twice a day), feeling dizzy (once a week). Medicines:30mg lansoprazole initially, now 15mg, one in morning

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