Stomach Pain Btw Meals


Aslam o alikum, I feel burning pain in my stomach between meals specially when my stomach is empty some times it also goes to back. this pain starts when i take some anti-inflammatory medicine for my heel pain prescribed my doctor. I also have my H. pylori test in Dec 2016 which is positive so I take medicine Flaygl and Klaricid for 1 week. after that my test result value decrease. I searched on internet about my Symptoms I found may be i have Peptic ulcer. Kindly suggest me what to do.


Marham Admin

Dr. Salman Javed Please help.



Kindly go for Stool test for H. Pylori antigen, if it comes +ve, then you need another course of antibiotics. anyways kindly go to any good gastroenterologist in lahore. he will suggest you what to do next.

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