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Assalamu Alaikum , i have a serious issue of Bad breath,people sitting even meters away somethimes effected with the smell.i do regular brushing , i observe that liquid layer over my teeth gets smelly after brushing in two three minutes.Also sometimes my small amount of stomach items reverse to mouth with bad smell.I have lots of treatment but i think my problem is not correctly identified and having depressed life going on.Please can somebody help me..Jazak Allah



Bad smell in the mouth s multifactorial like from oral cavity including teeth .but most of the time it is secondary to issues related to stomach .
Need further history like any history of GERD ,burning chest sensation ,wt loss .


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You might be suffering from gastrointestinal reflux. I need to know your
treatment history before I can advise something.


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Please get an appointment on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening at Al
Razi Hospital M M Alam road, Lahore.




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Please read the article here that details causes of bad breath. If you still cannot manage on your own, you might need to see a physician to rule out gall bladder, stomach or metabolic/ endocrine issues like diabetes etc.
But the most important thing for you to understand is that though it maybe difficult to pains takingly change your lifestyle habits and then investigate the cause(s) and remove them, the condition is treatable as long as you are motivated and positive. Depression and stress can further deteriorate the situation and cause you to neglect it so stay focused and stay positive.


Use ispaghol husk daily for lifetime it will help you maintaining good
stomach habits.visit a dentist to see any dental problem. Use fresh
vegetables and fruits and do not full your stomach with food.
Tab omeprazole 40mg daily for one month.
Tab Flagyl 400mg thrice a day for a week.
Cap Cefspan 400mg 1daily for 5days.
Tab Motilium once at night before meal for 7days.
sleep over a raised pillow and eat or drink at least 3hrs before going to


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Aoa need a thorough check up by a competent physician for proper diagnosis and treatment


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Thank you Marham


faizan malik

I have also bad breath problem I brush twice a day and also use mouth wash but my problem is not solve I am very nervous about that even I don’t smoke then I don’t know why should it happen kindly tell any solution...jizakallah

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