A Psychologist Or A Psychiatrist?


of course, using the web to analyse an illness is not an accurate means of measure, but from research she checks out a lot of bpd symptoms. i've been noticing her deal with depression for years now, and for the past 2 years or so her behaviour has tilted towards 'episodes' that depict signs of bpd. for all i know, i could be wrong. but to make sure, which one should i get her to see, a psychologist or a psychiatrist?


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you should see a psychiatrist. lateron she can develop a liason with a


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Asa. Psychologist are not best option for any mental illnesses....one has
to consult first psychiatrist for any such issue...if Psychiatrist think
that there is a need of psychological therapy so he or she can refer to
psychologist as well ...keep that in mind psychologist are not a health
care provider or doctors...

Secondly one cannot diagnose bpd on some or few symptoms.... evaluation
must be done .....


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You need to visit psychiatrist first if require psychiatrist will refer you psychologist.




Hasan Aman


Based on your description, i would suggest a psychiatrist.

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