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Salam I am dr graduated last year.I want to select psychiatry as career .But the people the family are not encouraging .i want to be psychiatrist but I also dont want to regret my choice late God Forbid.what inspires you to be psychiatrist...Are you happy..I want to listen to emcouraging words so I can stick to my decision ..please help me.Encourage me to become one.You are psychiatrist yourself defend your speciality????????????and help me please

Dr. Naeem Aftab - Psychiatrist

MBBS, DIPLOMAT American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology | Lahore

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Sure.I think it is the best speciality one can choose in terms of all kind of rewards.Feel free to call me at 042-32591427, to discuss further.Thx


Syed Hammad Hassan Kazmi

psychiatry is no doubt one of the charming field! i am also applying for fcps 1 in psy, we can do its prep together. do contact if you are interested in prep. 042-32591427, 042-32591427, :)


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Yes dr but I would like to know which attempt you are opting for sept or nov??

2 years ago


Ayesha L

I read in an article years back that till 042-32591427, psychological problems are the most happening problem's in the whole world and 97% population of Pakistan is getting effected from some kind of psychological problems (major/minor) but people don't give a damn to it because for them they can suffer from any problem but mentally they are not mad and doesn't need any help. So as you want to become a psychiatrist you will have a number of opportunities to cure people from their psychological problems (as they will be everywhere). It will be a huge responsibility on your shoulders in future that can let yourself proud on your decision.

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