I am married for 3years stay at home mom. I am educated, cant do job because of my in laws.My husband is loving n supportive but cant take stands. Last year i heard their harsh words quietly. But it influences my mind so badly. I do all the best from my side. But no return. So, this time i show some reaction. in return everything becomes more difficult for me. My current situation is, i dont want to do anything, not even brushing my hair. I feel lethargic sad n hopeless. I feel i have no reason to live. But when i see my daughter, i want to live n become healthy. My health is falling down. I have dark circles dull skin. I want to cry so hard. I cant share this with my parents n family. And its becoming horrible for me. The actual problem is i cant forget my insult..the false accuses. I feel ashamed that everyone laughs at my insult. I dont know what to do. And i cant eat anything. I feel fullness of stomach and nausea. Since 2 days i vomit twice.


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It seems you are traumatised due to humiliation .You also wrote symptoms of depression and anxiety.I dont know if you also experienced any suicidal ideations.You need counselling medication and assertive skills training .


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No symptoms of suicidal ideas etc. But i make plans in depression to move some other place with my baby. But i cant do this as my husband is very nice n supportive.

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dear this is severe issue you should consult psychologist as early as
till then below are suggestions
1: Deep breathing
2: Progressive Muscle Relaxation.
3: make an activity schedule.
4: eat mindfully (feel when you eat or you may find it on google).
5: exercise is must in your situation.
6: try not to isolate yourself.


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I can only change my lifestyle..i cant visit any doctor .thats y i consult online.

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See .. carefully deal ur situation. Dont spoil ur personal relation only
due to inlaws.

U talked u convinced about job but they are not. Then job is not a only
thing for whoch u r surviving healthy life. When u try hard on onw work nd
after that u know u r not getting its results then accept it nd cahnge ur
thoughts accordingly for a gud survival ( this case is only for thise
events where ur personal integerity will ot be effected) in case of job ur
personal integrity will be intact so this is thi g where u can compromise .
Now the next strategy is to change the focus of happiness, nd cope the
depression. Why it effects ur mental healtg. Deal it effectively.
Learn how to deal relatio ships effectively nd groom ur personality.

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