Depression, Stress

I am rheumatoid arthritis patient. Now a days I am feeling that I am emotionally weak unhappy in crowd and I feel that I need support.


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I think you have social anxiety.Yiu need evaluation and treatment.


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Sorry to hear that you feel emotionally weak.

Chronic physical health issues like rheumatoid arthritis need regular evaluation by a psychiatrist as it is know that they can have depression like picture due to pain and sometimes side effects of medication.

You can contact me and we can take it from there.


dear these are early signs of depression if not managed symptoms will
become severe. do consult psychologist.
till then below are suggestions
1: Deep breathing
2: Progressive Muscle Relaxation.
3: make an activity schedule.
4: eat mindfully (feel when you eat or you may find it on google).
5: exercise is must in your situation.
6: try not to isolate yourself.


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U must need to deal with ur psychological issue .
If possible kindly visit or book a skype session with me?
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