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Hello Dr. I am PhD Scholar in Zoology and also working as Science teacher in Govt.sector with well off and healthy family system. I am suffering a worse mental conditions now-a-days. Someone loved for 6 years but i didnt paid attention to her.But i last year i fall in love with her more than expectation.We engrossed in love head to toe.but a month ago she got married.She is still in contact with me but she has changed somehow. This condition is worse for me.I am suffering from extreme mental stress that my nerves and muscles become out of control.My body starts to shiever and hysterical behaviour results with uncontrolled laughing and crying reflexes.Please Dr. Suggest me what to do.Its killing for me.Thanks


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its definately not easy for someone to go through this. anyone can have
this,but you are an educated person,soon u will get better because you have
this insight.
there are multiple approaches towards your problem.
you have to take medications along with supportive psychotherapy. please
tell me which city you belong i can refer you to someone,
for medication start taking
tablet citanew 10 mg daily.
tablet brolite 3 mg,if you feel restlessness and shivering.
take it for three weeks and let me know.


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Dr. I took xenax 10mg half tablet a month ago but it made my condition worse.

1 year ago


Hasan Aman


Sorry to hear about your suffering.

You need a detailed psychiatric assessment to get to bottom of it.

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You seems to be having a withdrawal from that love feeling now feeling
empty lost helpless hoplwss. She has changed may she was not meant for
you.You need to move on with your life.Adopt healthy coping style by
distracting yourself with movies walk travelling etc

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