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Sir I'm suffering depressive disorder since 2007 sir I'm under medication for at least ten years I'm using nowadays citalopram and quetiapine sir and previously used fluoxamin and fluoxetine,Neurolith SR and respridon but upto now I have not been recovered my main problems abuse thoughts about sex specially obsession and compulsion when I see or hear about sex or clue of then I'm I extremely feel fear and considering myself impotent while 200 percent fit now a days I look like genophobic please sir I'll wait for your kind response


you need to go for therapy along with medication. because only medication won't help unless you combine it with therapy and proper therapy. for detail you may call 042-32591427, 042-32591427, .


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Dose of qutiapine ?


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It appears to me from your brief description that you need to follow up with a psychiatrist for medication optimisation. You would benefit from cognitive behaviour therapy to counter the obsessive thoughts.


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