Uncontrolled Anger


Uncontrolled anger Father aged 70 and having uncontrolled anger and depression attacks . Harming himself and other people severly . Not able to take him to a pshychiatric willingly.

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MBBS, DIPLOMAT American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology | Lahore

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Ideally he should be taken to a psych hospital and evaluated  if not possible than he can seen at home.If he doesn't allow than sometimes medications can be given in a juice which is not ethical but sometimes it is given for safety reasons in Pakistan.


MBBS, FCPS | Multan

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Anger, mood changes and agitation in elderly can point towards a number of causes from psychiatric illnesses to dementia. I will strongly suggest if the primary caretakers can go and discuss his case with any competent psychiatrist in their city (in case he is not willing to go). There is a possibility of treating covertly(albiet slightly unethical) in which he may be given medication drops mixed in food but he needs proper evaluation and case discussion before that. Best of luck.

In islamabad/rwp, I will recommend the following centre (link given) - esp Dr Asma Humayun and Dr Faisal Rashid : www.meditrina.pk. I think they also provide home visits.


Hasan Aman


It looked like a case of 'agitated depression' but needs further exploration to rule out other diagnoses.

Family can arrange a home visit by a psychiatrist. In these cases it takes long time before any rapport can be built with the patient directly by a doctor / psychiatrist.

Hope this helps.

Dr Hasan Aman


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