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I am on sert 100mg from March 2016 it is a 2 year treatment course as I had one year treatment in the past but relapsed after a year.Now I am 3 months pregnant and I read in JAMA that use of SSRI increases the chance of AUTISM in the newborn (I am also a doctor that's why read the journal)can any Psychiatrist guide me what should I do

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Treatment for 2nd episode of depression required 2years of duration as relapse rate is high if not treated. It is between 50 to 80 % . And in your case if you condition is stable it is recommended to continue SSRI and Sertraline is choice of drug n pregnancy even in breast feeding recommended by NICE guideline , because postpartum period is also the risk factor sometime in patients with previous history of any psychiatric illness, as you know that out come of the pregnancy is not guaranteed even normal pregnancy, and first trimester has been passed I think, so visit your gynaecologist and go for routine ultrasound and visit your psychiatrist again to discus again these issues, if you want to read better to read NiCE guidelines and make moudslay proscribing guideline in pregnancy it is evidence based thanks regards


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pregnancy category C no evidence of autism


Syed Kamran Haider Bukhari

There has been some studies which show increase risk but recent findings show that there is no such link and the previous increasing risk was shown because of confounding factors. Read the following article,
And regarding Sertraline, it is considered safe during pregnancy and lactation.

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