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Hi Sir ! My anti-HCV test is +ve but my Qualitative PCR is -ve.My doctor said to me to wait for 3 months and then again repeat PCR. I have to move UAE for my Job, My question is , how can i make Anti HCV test negative so that i can move to UAE?

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Roohul Amin


Take care bro. This virus may attack again.

Anonymous Sir ! How can I make my Anti HCV test positive?
Will this virus never eliminate from my blood ? .

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Anti HCV remains positive for long duration as your PCR is positive. there
is nothing to turn anti-HCV negative just wait and see
otherwise u can visit me at
saadan Hospital Allah Hu chowk Johar Town Lahore
call for appointment 04235170090-91

Anonymous Thank You very Much sir for Your Kind Answer.

My PCR quantitative is already negative without medicine( which means that i have no detectable virus). but Anti HCV is still positive Sir. and I think it been more than 6-12 months that i had been infected. how much time it will take to make Anti HCV Test negative.?

Sir,Any suggestion from your side will be taken as advice.

Thank you

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