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From 2 years ago continusely I am feeling Very tired that something ;oes wrong.Symtoms: h-1eart py bhot zyada dbao or bhari pan mehsoos hona jsy kch ruqawat ho ,Mentally depressed .Weakness body . Note:A day Recived pack of dark chocolates from aboard After eating 8 10 chocolates bars I start feeling that I am leaving life again everything is going Right but after 2 days then same condition as first.I don't know what is Fact behind thisthats why I am sharing with u.


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Sorry to hear you are suffering.

Please consult a psychiatrist who will do physical & mental state examination for you and give you appropriate blood tests to rule out any major health condition. Don't take it lightly if it has been ongoing for 2 years.<>

Hasan Aman


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It seems like  depression.You need further evaluation.