Dear Dr, i am 26 male, i am passing high urine since 2 weeks (approx 5 times a day), and Little high thrist and sensation in legs. couple of days ago took lib test of sugar in fasting from Shokat khanam lab and it was 94, but today it was 104 in fasting by thermo metter .. i am worry about it that am i diabetic ???

Dr. Ehsan -ur- Rehman

MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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Dear Pt, you are 26 years old, are you married,from information you have
given,you don't seem to be diabetic, most likely you are suffering from
urinary tract infection , you should get your urine C/E (complete
examination ) done,from a good lab and tell me your report, then I can
prescribe you medication,
Prof.Dr.Ehsan ur Rehman


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No sir i am not married, well i'll gor for said tests afcrs

7 months ago

Dr. Maaz Ul Hassan

MBBS, FCPS, FLS, Board Certified in Laproscopic Surgery, Fellowship in Bariatric Minimally Invasive Surgery, Diploma in Laparoscopic & General Surgery | Lahore

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Check your HBA1C
Glucose tolerance test
Wt is your height and weight.


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My hight is 5".8 and weight is 80.5 kg

7 months ago

Dr. Amara Ilyas

thank you for email, if you are worried about diabetes then go for glucose tolerance test and HbA1c blood tests.

Dr. Dr Naveed Aslam

MBBS, FCPS, FACP (USA), Fellow of American College Physicians (USA), Fellow of College Physicians & Surgeons (PAK) | Lahore

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Dont worry, ur labs shows that u r not diabetic. get urself checked up

Dr. Abeer Ahmad

According to Laboratory results of your fasting blood sugar level, you doesn't seem to have diabetes.

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