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Asking For Self, Female 27, peshawer

I'm using risek but still hvng stomach prblm can't digest solid food like potatoes,beans etc...hvng soft stool issue with pain.. I'm very weak wanna increase weight kindly help

Homeopath in Rawalpindi - Dr. Asifa Khanum

Dr. Asifa Khanum - Homeopath

DHMS | Rawalpindi


173 Positive Reviews

its completely treatable after taking some medicine don't you worry detailed history required kindly book appointment with me within days you will be completely fine inshallah

Gastroenterologist in Karachi - Dr. Tauqeer Shaikh

Dr. Tauqeer Shaikh - Gastroenterologist

MBBS, FCPS (Gastroenterology) | Karachi

need to consult for detailed history

Gastroenterologist in Quetta - Dr. Naseer Ahmed Khilji

Dr. Naseer Ahmed Khilji - Gastroenterologist

| MBBS | FCPS (Gastroenterology) | | Quetta


5 Positive Reviews

kindly visit nearby gastroenterologist or book online for complete history......stop risek.......looks like you may have IBS .....but needs much details

Gastroenterologist in Lahore - Dr. Muhammad Umer Sheikh

Dr. Muhammad Umer Sheikh - Gastroenterologist

MBBS, BSc, MCPS Medicine, FCPS Gastroenterology, SCE Gastroenterology (UK), ESB Gastroenterology (EU) | Lahore


51 Positive Reviews

Risek may even worse your symptoms so 1st of all stop taking risek 2ndly continue soft diet
eat healthy diet and sleep well follow this routine and observe changes in the behaviour of symptoms INSHALLAH it will get better continue the routine and get back to me after 7 days


Post Owner

jazakAllah sir

2 months ago

Homeopath in Sialkot - Dr. Umar Fiaz

Dr. Umar Fiaz - Homeopath

Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Sciences (BHMS) | Sialkot

It can be treated completely
for treatment contact us on WhatsApp

Gastroenterologist in Lahore - Dr. Muhammad Atif Saeed

this is some sort of functional disorder you need to visit the gastroentrologist to understand the disease and for proper medications

General Physician in Islamabad - Dr. Hanif Khan

Dr. Hanif Khan - General Physician

MBBS | Islamabad


1 Positive Reviews

need proper check up ,Management and nutrition and dietay changes to increase weight and to be active as healthy life

Gastroenterologist in Hyderabad - Dr. Zainab

Dr. Zainab - Gastroenterologist

MBBS, FCPS (Gastroenterology), ESEGH | Hyderabad


10 Positive Reviews

Book an online appointment via marham

Homeopath in Karachi - Dr. Ayesha Kanwal

Dr. Ayesha Kanwal - Homeopath

DHMS , RHMP, C Aesthetics | Karachi


69 Positive Reviews

Book appointment via marham...since how long u facing this issue


Post Owner

frm last month

2 months ago

Homeopath in Haripur - Dr. Syed Akhlaq Hussain Shah

I will help u book appointment for proper treatment

Gastroenterologist in Multan - Asst. Prof. Dr. Umair Khan Sherwani

Asst. Prof. Dr. Umair Khan Sherwani - Gastroenterologist

MBBS, FCPS (Gastroenterology) | Multan


22 Positive Reviews

u need proper checkup please

Homeopath in Mirpur Khas - Dr. Ghufran Ali Siddiqui

your digestive system is severely disordered and you also have dysentery please check stool culture from the laboratory for proper treatment you may consult with me through Marham App homeopath/dr

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