Lower Body Paralysis

salam doctors..my mother is suffering from lower body paralysis for 18 years..she had TB of bones due to which her vertebrae deteriorayed resulting in immobility of her lowr body..she went through surgery in which plates were incorporated in her back..n doctors said that we have done what we could do..now its her will power..she went through physical therapy that resulted in just a little improvement i.e. she was only able to move her legs to change side..as she was not improving more,she lost her will power to get up..now she is on bed for past 18 years..n she is not having any physiotherapy for past 15 years..her legs have deshaped..as she is overweight so 2 men are required to make her sit on wheel chair..i wanted to ask are there any chances for her to get up if her therapy is started again?..secondly are there any hospitals in sialkot where she could stay for her therapies because there is no one to take care at home..??


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Dear you should see me.i might be able to help her. Make appointment through Marham