Neurological Disorder

5 days ago she was bit depressed due to her exams and one accident she saw while travelling. But She was talking fine and she was responding well except she forgetting memory of previous 3 days. But now she don’t recognise anyone she is not talking, behaving awkwardly and she is having some breathing issues too.. Doctors saying that her tests are fine and she is not suffering from any brain disease. Now she is on ventilator and doctors are unable to diagnose properly. Expert advice from neurologists required. Her scans and reports are attached.


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Patient need csf studios to rule out
Needs Eeg to rule out non convulsive status


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What is cSf studios? She is now getting some steroids for auto immune encephalitis

11 months ago


MBBS, FCPS (Neurology) | Lahore

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Get an eeg portable
Give acyclovir and steroids.
Manage as autoimmune /viral encaphalitis