My aunty , (having age 28yrs old) perhaps fell in this disease . She does not have high or low B.P problem neither Sugar issue. She well slept in night but when woke up ,she was unable to speak but not fully .She could speak little words .Cant be claimed that tongue was stroked .We found slightly soiling on her face at right side . Her hands and legs is working problem ,its not stuck as usually happens in paralysis. Kindly advise us what should we do.


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Patient with such symptoms needs proper neurological evaluation
It can be stroke or seizure etc
Needs proper work up


Raheel Shehzad

Sir I am 22 year old male I have stroke 1 year ago and brain surgery . Now I am paralyzed kindly help me.

1 year ago


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Dear Doctor,
I am from Karachi . Kindly advice me the name of a best neurologist in my city !.

1 year ago