Weakness And Memory Loss


My grandmother is in bed for last 3 years and very week. Her memory is suffered badly and she has very limited memories from past. Also she keeps talking excessively all day the same sentences over and over again. Can anyone guide me about the treatment and refer to a good doctor in sialkot.


MBBS,FCPS | Karachi

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I am in Karachi, so cant help you much.


MBBS, FCPS (Psychiatry) | Lahore

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After review of the information about your grandmother, I suggest you to consult a medical specialist in your city and later the medical specialist can seek help from a neurologist and a psychiatrist for management of her condition and the disturbed behavior . Just take care of her safety and food intake . .she might need constant supervision .She might have some type of Dementia . Please firstly see a medical specialist near you. Good luck and may Allah bless you.


MS Clinical Psychology, PhD ( Scholar) | Lahore

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She might be showing symptoms of Dementia as per the conditions mentioned here. However it is better to take her to a specialist, probably a psychiatrist to get her symptoms checked and proper medication.


Ana Amna

Helo sir .... I want to talk with you .. on phone call first ... I want your help .... Em going through a big mental disaster ... Em getting weaker day by day .... Em waiting .. reply me .. as soon as possible ... !


Zumra Fayyaz

A. A! Sir Im from Sialkot and want to talk to u about my mother. I think my mother suffering from schizophrenia and I want to talk to you.. And need your help sir.


Shaukat Ali Nadeem

Sir my physician ask me ibs +gad, also I afraid to go out of home, no sleep , no hanger, nosea vomiting moreover no office lake of interest in work as well as worried every time should I have to take your opinion


fizza faiz

my mother is 35 years old and due to much burden of joint family she is mentally and physically ill.... she sometimes beat and harm herself like in infront of family she thinks that everyone is against her and the way she beats herself is so severe please can you tell me about this Situation and what we can do...

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