Liver Cancer/hepatoma

my grandfather suffer from liver cancer and usually doctors says this is a hopeless case but i'm fully hopeful and don't want to lose hope.


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You need to get a triphasic CT scan of the liver and get alpha fetoprotein


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he needs Multiphasic CT liver and CT chest and then see a cancer specialist.
This tumor may be treatable depending on CT


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As per the reports attached he has a unifocal lesion in the right lobe of liver with normal LFTs. Many treatment options are available. You must consult a good hepatologist/


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I am Hepatobiliary , Liver transplant surgeon and chiefly dealing with Liver Cancer, surgical aspects. As per the ultrasound it is good to evaluate further, After triphasic ct scan and some other tests we can evaluate the possibility of liver resection.... or not.....You can contact me at Masood Hospital, Lahore. 042-32591427, 042-32591427,


Bisma Ahmed

My grandfather suffer from liver cancer and he feel pain in liver The waist hurts and the pain feels very much in the breast, the doctors have suggested an injection, but do not want to take the injection that the doctors also advise me to comment on.And whatever test they did, CT Scan etc. After that, doctors also told that this disease is not spread only in liver.Some doctors said that after the injection did not end the pain, no medication would affect it, and some said that it would be perfect after that.