I m a married woman and I have a typical issue of problematic susral. Its a genrl saying if your husband supports u , u dnt new to worry about anything but there is a problem with my husband I dnt know y he is nt trustworthy, he speaks up he is nt interestd in other women, he is loyal to me, he is nt drug addicted but he dnt want to job, he jst wantd to do any business but unable to setldwn. But he is nt sincere to me. He always compare himself to me, always point out my mistakes and always count and show what he did fr me. He did nothing fr me but if he do any simpl thing fr me he quickly at the spot count he did fr me and keep telling me I did this, I did this. Only by words he wants to led his life gud but he is nt ready to do anything fr me. He is nt wiling to deal wd my family and frndz. He dnt like to give me money even nt fr my needs. I dnt knw how to spend ife wd such a personal who is nt ready to own his wife


MS (Clinical Psychology) | Lahore

The problem seems to b with ur husband, apparently but might b sm where ur
attitude towards him is not motivating him to change his beh as well n is
still adamant. I would suggest s meeting with me st my clinic in wapda
town lahore
Contact no is 042-32591427,
I'm clinical psychologist Saadia Nazir Tazeem


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Ys he has psychological issue fr sure, but nt ready to admit and cutr. He jst want me to chang acrding to him

1 year ago


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u can come to my clinic


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Strange enough all asked you to come where as the problem is with your Husband who needs Structured Counseling as he is living with a very low self-esteem and the reason of comparing is due to Shame which binds him!!!

It's true that relationships affect your self-esteem too, and it's sort of a viscous cycle, because those with low self-esteem have been found to be more likely to stay in bad relationships. So if your relationship is lowering your self-esteem, unfortunately it seems you may be more likely to stay in it, even though it's making you feel bad about yourself.

Here are 11 ways to make your man more confident.
1. Stop Doing Things for Him
2. Let Him Do Things for You
3. Get Happy
4. Expect the Best Outcome
5. When He Asks What He Should Do, Give Him Your Trust
6. When He Asks Your Desire, Tell the Truth
7. When He Asks Your Opinion, Give Him Your Appreciation
8. Smile When He Comes Home
9. Say Yes to Sex
10. Let Him Solve Your Problems
11. Listen for an Hour


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thnx fr answer,but he practically dnt want to do things fr himself he dnt care to spend money or to meet his peers but fr me he is nt wiling to spend fr my needs.he is cooperative in home till when his desire is fulfiled but outside home inside home.............i dnt knw what to say.i told him to consult psychiatrist and he asked what is wrong with me,what should i tell hi,?

1 year ago



good answers guys hold on .first of all these kinda issues are n most of families um seeing patients around .so don't worry first of all.most important factor wat i observed n ur history s finance which s also the reason for other issues u r facing .I will advise both of you to sit down in a very comfortable environment n discuss ur issues one by one but with out critisizing each other .inshaallah every thing will b ok .


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dear u both need couple therapy by the psychologist


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Dear I understand but you need to visit my clinic so I can exactly figure
out your issue,tc


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You need to consult a clinical psychologist for assessment and treatment. You can consult with me , I am in Gulberg 3 at Khalid Clinic or you can seek online session

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