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Talk to Psychologist on I Feel Burden On My Brain In Winter Seasons Only.


Asking For Self, Male 28, swat

i feel burden on my brain in winter seasons only. sometimes i forget my important work. i memorize many things easily but my problem is that's i forget every time

Psychologist in Gujranwala - Amna Chaudhary

Amna Chaudhary - Psychologist

M.Sc.Applied Psychology, ADCP | Gujranwala

make schedule and try to work out.. chalanege your thoughts.

Psychologist in Lahore - Unsa Waqar

Unsa Waqar - Psychologist

MSC Applied Psychology, Child Psychology | Lahore


20 Positive Reviews

need proper case history then will suggest u better plans to handle ur issue.
so book an appointment

Psychologist in Gujranwala - Ms. Umema Tufail

Ms. Umema Tufail - Psychologist

BS Hons (Psychology) | Gujranwala


6 Positive Reviews

Asalamualikum.. History is required You can book appointment through Marham

Psychologist in Lahore - Zoya Afzal

Zoya Afzal - Psychologist

BS Psychology, Ms Clinical Psychology | Lahore


17 Positive Reviews

hey!just relax...i can understand ...sometimes esa hota hy...but is k peechy bht c reasons ho skti hein so for proper guidline details chai hoti hein...ek statement ki base py guidline is impossible...so kindly book your session...khush rhein khyl rhkein

Psychologist in Sargodha - Sidra Muneer

Sidra Muneer - Psychologist

M.Sc (Applied Psychology), MS (Clinical Psychology) | Sargodha


34 Positive Reviews

its okay there are many seasonal disorders which affect an individual so detailed psychiatric history is required kindly book an appointment

Psychologist in Gujrat - Ms. Ahmreen Akhtar

Ms. Ahmreen Akhtar - Psychologist

MSc (Psychology), Diploma in Clinical Psychology | Gujrat


18 Positive Reviews

u need relxation therapy book a session

Psychologist in Murree - Seema Altaf

Seema Altaf - Psychologist

MS Psychology (Clinical), Master of Applied Psychology (M.Sc) | Murree


1 Positive Reviews

Better cover your head/wear cap during winter and take frequent steam/hot winds. You can consult me on Marham for psychological assistance if you want.

Psychologist in Lahore - Rida Amjad

Rida Amjad - Psychologist

MS(clinical pyschology) | Lahore


28 Positive Reviews

relaxation required hai if you feel like sharing tu ap share kr skte kisi professional se or else if you got someone tu unse

Psychologist in Sialkot - Wajeeha Malik

Wajeeha Malik - Psychologist

Bs (Hons.) Psychology, Ms Clinical Psychology, Certified Nutritional Psychology, Certified CBT, EFT, DBT, Certified Graphologist, Certified NLP | Sialkot


82 Positive Reviews

Hey.... May be its seasonal depression.... Nd memory issue jxt winter m rehta hai ya kuch arsay se chal rha hai aysa...?

Psychologist in Lahore - Ms. Zain Tahir

Ms. Zain Tahir - Psychologist

MS Clinical Psychology, BS Behavioral Sciences, Autism Certificate-03 | Lahore


4 Positive Reviews

Manage your water intake specially in winters, + diet management will help you. for forgetting important work, you can use sticky notes and other reminders to help you, don't worry!

Psychologist in Lahore - Ms. Khubi Khaleeq

Ms. Khubi Khaleeq - Psychologist

MS Psychology | Lahore


28 Positive Reviews

Seasonal Affect can cause a lot of stress on an individual. It can impact your thoughts which affect your mood, feelings and behavior.
It can be dealt with.
Memory issue can resolve along with the on going stress in winters, that may have become a pattern over the years.

Psychologist in Faisalabad - M. S. Tahir Dogar

M. S. Tahir Dogar - Psychologist

MPhil (Applied Psychology) | Faisalabad

It's a common phenomenon in winters. It's curable and manageable. Just a few things to keep in mind that are
Balance Diet
Balance Sleep
A few hints as reminders and there you go.

Psychologist in Faisalabad - M. S. Tahir Dogar
M. S. Tahir Dogar - Psychologist

MPhil (Applied Psychology) | Faisalabad | Book Appointment

Also take sunlight or light therapy

3 years ago

Psychologist in Karachi - Bushra Zehra Askari

Bushra Zehra Askari - Psychologist

M.Sc Psychology, PGD, CBT | Karachi


3 Positive Reviews

list the things u want to remember and prioritize ur goals ..For any further consultation, book ur appointment..

Psychologist in Islamabad - Masooma Ijaz

Masooma Ijaz - Psychologist

M-Phil Psychology, MSC Physical Health & Education | Islamabad


63 Positive Reviews

Plz don't rely only on self analysis.
Take a proper professional help and than follow the guidelines.

Psychologist in Rajan Pur - Aiman Bukhari

Aiman Bukhari - Psychologist

M.Sc Psychology, Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology | Rajan Pur


15 Positive Reviews

you need relaxation therapy. book your appointment through marham.

Psychologist in Lahore - Ms Shamaila Ijaz

Ms Shamaila Ijaz - Psychologist

ADCP, Health Psychologist, Existential Therapist | Lahore


70 Positive Reviews

winter mei sirf, tu phelay brsin ka ct scan karwaye.

Psychologist in Jhelum - Ms Kiran Javed

Ms Kiran Javed - Psychologist

Bs Psychology, Ms Clinical Psychology | Jhelum


11 Positive Reviews

human beings tend to become a bit sluggish in winters.with tips and techniques you can overcome it

Psychologist in Lahore - Dr. Amber Bashir

Dr. Amber Bashir - Psychologist

PhD (scholar) Clinical Psychology, MS Clinical Psychology, CBT Practitioner, Hypnotherapist UK | Lahore


718 Positive Reviews

seasonal affective disorder is a kind of depression which comes and goes with winter season.It mostly happens in cold regions.better to seek video or inperson consultation from psychologist

Member of Marham-Forum

you have to consult psychologist

Psychologist in Bahawalpur - Zahid Aziz

Zahid Aziz - Psychologist

BS , MPhil (Applied Psychology) | Bahawalpur


60 Positive Reviews

Winter season has low light and low temperature that may give sleep like feelings, tiredness, burden and sluggishness. So to warm up, we may need proper room temperature and room lights. By improving room conditions, you may increase productivity. Memorization can be enhanced by listing important task. Its Associative technique. List down your work once. and keep that list with you whole day. Consult your listing whenever you may need.

Counselor in Karachi - Dr. Syeda Anjum

Dr. Syeda Anjum - Counselor

Masters in Special Education (Gold Medalist), Remedial therapist , International Behavior Therapist (IBT) | Karachi


218 Positive Reviews

set reminder for ur important works

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