I Think Depression


i think i just need someone to talk to. though i hve a big family somtms i feel alone nd kind of closed. i feel insecure at night i can't sleep


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I think you need to see someone for counseling.

If you are in Rawalpindi, feel free to contact my office (042-32591427, 042-32591427, -36).


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i don' want to tell my family about it.can i get online sessions or something?

1 year ago


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You need Structured Counseling Sessions!!!

Inamullah Ansari


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Sure, you can seek help through online session...Consult a professional psychologist asap...In case you need my services you can contact me


Masters, Mphil (Clinical Psychology) | Rawalpindi

dear u needs detail evaluation about your insecurity find some good
psychologist to talk


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i hv to put a scissor in my cllge bag to overcme this insecurity😟 i recite surahs of Holy Quran before going to bed and yet it takes me an hour to fall asleep i nevr ever saw smthng to make me insecure i don' know why is this happening to me or maybe it's just a bad effect of horror movies i watch every weekend

1 year ago

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