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Asking For Self, Male 28, Quetta

i need a psychologist who is able to help me breakthrough the indecision and hesitancy i am having. also the said psychologist will be a permenant for all other problems that might occur

Psychologist in Lahore - Shanda Rub Nawaz

Shanda Rub Nawaz - Psychologist

| BS Psychology | | Lahore


81 Positive Reviews

ap ko kisi trha k issues arahy hain or kin baton me kin kamon me arahy hain or baki problems kese waly zara detail me batayen ap us k liye appointment len phly apki history le k problems ko dekhty phr agy further us p kam krty hain

Psychiatrist in Karachi - Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ayub Baloch Gold Medalist

Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ayub Baloch Gold Medalist - Psychiatrist

MBBS, FCPS Psychiatry ( Gold-Medalist ) International Associate, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. International Member, American Psychiatric Association. Consultant Psychiatrist (Specialist in the treatment of Psychiatric, Sexual & Drug Addiction) Certificated Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. | Karachi


355 Positive Reviews

Thank you for sharing.
Be reassured it seems to related to some underlying psychological issues.
Kindly visit online we will sort out the possible reason and a treatment accordingly.
Thank you
Feel free to discuss any further query or doubt.

Psychologist in Lahore - Ms Saba Shabbir Sheikh

Ms Saba Shabbir Sheikh - Psychologist

MS (Clinical Psychology), MSC (Clinical Psychology), Advance Diploma Clinical Psychology (ADCP) | Lahore


31 Positive Reviews

yes you can consult me

Psychologist in Islamabad - Masooma Ijaz

Masooma Ijaz - Psychologist

M-Phil Psychology, MSC Physical Health & Education | Islamabad


63 Positive Reviews

For sessions:042-32591427, 00

Psychologist in Hyderabad - Asma Laghari

Asma Laghari - Psychologist

Certified in Self Development, Professional Accredited Life Coaching, Certified in Existential Well-being Counseling | Hyderabad


12 Positive Reviews

you can book session through Marham

Member of Marham-Forum

get appointment for counseling & treatment

Psychologist in Vehari - Ms Aniqa Razi

Ms Aniqa Razi - Psychologist

MSc (Clinical Psychology) , MPhil (Psychologist) | Vehari


60 Positive Reviews

yes you can book appointment

Psychologist in Mandi Bahauddin - Ms. Iqra Umair

Ms. Iqra Umair - Psychologist

MS Psychology, PMDCP | Mandi Bahauddin


6 Positive Reviews

You can consult with me..

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Maria Hussain

Maria Hussain - Psychologist

| MSc (Clinical Psychology) | CBT | Faisalabad


8 Positive Reviews

kindly book an appointment

Psychologist in Islamabad - Ms. Airas Rasool Chaudhary

Ms. Airas Rasool Chaudhary - Psychologist

BS Psychology | Islamabad


94 Positive Reviews

Please book your appointment with us for professional help.

Psychologist in Bahawalpur - Tahira Yasmeen

Tahira Yasmeen - Psychologist

Masters (Psychology), M.Phil (Continue) | Bahawalpur


5 Positive Reviews

yes i will help you kindly book a session... Thanku

Psychologist in Kamararod - Razia Zahid

Razia Zahid - Psychologist

| MSc (Clinical Psychology) | | Kamararod


11 Positive Reviews

I will deal with your issues
book session https://www.marham.pk/online-consultation/psychologist/kamararod/razia-zahid-24418

Psychologist in Gujrat - Ms. Seerat Un Nisa

Ms. Seerat Un Nisa - Psychologist

BS, ADCP, Diploma in Hypnotherapy | Gujrat


12 Positive Reviews

kindly book your appointment for better consultation and treatment online consultation is also available f
my insta handle: @doctor_of_soul07

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Sara Zafar

Sara Zafar - Psychologist

MSC psychology, M.phil Clinical Psychology | Faisalabad


18 Positive Reviews

book your appointment for better treatment n consultation thankyou so much

Psychologist in Bahawalnagar - Prof. Fouzia Sultana

Prof. Fouzia Sultana - Psychologist

| M. Phil (Clinical Psychology) | | Bahawalnagar


59 Positive Reviews

Book your appointment with me for better consultation and treatment.

Psychologist in Lahore - Aysha Zumer

Aysha Zumer - Psychologist

MPhil (Clinical Psychology) | Lahore


13 Positive Reviews

kindly book an appointment for professional psychological help

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Aqsa Shabbir

Aqsa Shabbir - Psychologist

BS (Clinical Psychology) | Faisalabad


21 Positive Reviews

Book an appointment for help

Psychologist in Lahore - Mamoona Laiba

Mamoona Laiba - Psychologist

| MS Clinical Psychology | | Lahore


5 Positive Reviews

sure. all you need to do is book the appointment and we can discuss it in detail

Psychologist in Islamabad - Asst. Prof. Mr Umar

Asst. Prof. Mr Umar - Psychologist

M.Sc Psychology | Islamabad


22 Positive Reviews

ok no problem share it

Psychologist in Gujrat - Ifshal Faisal

Ifshal Faisal - Psychologist

BS (hons) Psychology, MS clinical psychology | Gujrat


19 Positive Reviews


Psychologist in Jhang - Fariha Fatima

Fariha Fatima - Psychologist

| Masters (Psychology) | | Jhang


10 Positive Reviews

i can help you out in this.. i am very professional in it.... we will find out all your weaknesses...


Post Owner

is it really possible

2 years ago

Psychologist in Jhang - Fariha Fatima
Fariha Fatima - Psychologist

| Masters (Psychology) | | Jhang | Book Appointment

review-stars 10 Positive Reviews

yes it is possible... with counseling session and techniques.

2 years ago

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Ms. Javaria Shahzad

Ms. Javaria Shahzad - Psychologist

BS Hons (Applied Psychology) | Faisalabad


4 Positive Reviews

Kindly book your appointment

Psychologist in Lahore - Shafaq Saeed

Shafaq Saeed - Psychologist

BS, M.S (Clinical Psychology) | Lahore


33 Positive Reviews

sure. these symptoms might need more clarification and assessment. inshallah things do get better when you have more self awareness regarding stressors and coping mechanisms. for that psychologist do help.
you can go through my profile and book appointment accordingly.

Psychologist in Rawalpindi - Rafia Ijaz

Rafia Ijaz - Psychologist

Bs Hons (Psychology) ADCP MS Top-Up (Clinical Psychology) DHMS | Rawalpindi


9 Positive Reviews

yes, you can book your appointment we will discuss things Insha'Allah everything will be fine

Psychologist in Karachi - Saman Imtiaz

Saman Imtiaz - Psychologist

MSc Psychology | Karachi


15 Positive Reviews

u can book appointment with me

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Ramsha Waleed

Ramsha Waleed - Psychologist

BS (Psychology), Advanced Diploma In CBT, Certified of Pharmacotherapy | Faisalabad


80 Positive Reviews

my dear brother,
hesitancy or indecision aren't illnesses.. they r a part of life.. sometimes we happen to fall but what makes us get up and rush is our will power.. its our self confidence!! however, sometimes we need some assistance to overcome this issue and here a psychologist play role.. there r many techniques to polish ur will power and to encourage u to grow.. I appreciate ur step to look forward towards a stable emotional health and well being...its upto u.. who u think will be best for u..
im always here for ur help..
take counseling from any professional and follow the right techniques to administrator life long positive changes in urself..
keep up ur spirits! have confidence in urself!! love urself.. everything will be fine.. just be strong and stay blessed !! jazak Allah


Post Owner

its really awkward... i mean u want something and when u have a chance to really achieve it suddenly you are wondering wether its right or wrong ...

2 years ago

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Ramsha Waleed
Ramsha Waleed - Psychologist

BS (Psychology), Advanced Diploma In CBT, Certified of Pharmacotherapy | Faisalabad | Book Appointment

review-stars 80 Positive Reviews

what do u want to achieve bro...

2 years ago

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Ramsha Waleed
Ramsha Waleed - Psychologist

BS (Psychology), Advanced Diploma In CBT, Certified of Pharmacotherapy | Faisalabad | Book Appointment

review-stars 80 Positive Reviews

don't frustrate yourself!! be clear to your perspectives! if u want something then struggle!! u should have clear insight of what u actually want

2 years ago

Psychologist in Lahore - Ms. Farhat Sarwar

Ms. Farhat Sarwar - Psychologist

MSc Psychology | Lahore


33 Positive Reviews

you can book appointment for psychological issues and general guidance in life.

Homeopath in Karachi - Dr. Ayesha Kanwal

Dr. Ayesha Kanwal - Homeopath

DHMS , RHMP, C Aesthetics | Karachi


120 Positive Reviews

Book appointment via marham or visit my insta id


Psychologist in Islamabad - Shumaila Munir

Shumaila Munir - Psychologist

| Diploma (Speech and Language Therapy) | PGD (Clinical Psychology) | M.phil (Clinical Psychology) | | Islamabad


1 Positive Reviews

book your session in Sha Allah problems will be resolved

Psychologist in Rawalpindi - Mirub Khalid

Mirub Khalid - Psychologist

MSC Clinical Psychology | Rawalpindi


1 Positive Reviews

Book your appointment. We will discuss each and everything.

Psychologist in Islamabad - Ehsan Zafar Awan

Ehsan Zafar Awan - Psychologist

MSc (Applied Psychology) Certification in Psychiatry Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology, MS Level in Subjects organizational Behaviour & Management | Islamabad


564 Positive Reviews

Take a psychological session from me you would feel much better and relaxed. Book appointment through Marham
Best Regards
Dr Ehsan Clinical Psychologist

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