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Asking For Self, Male 33, Okara

AOA sir, mujy 2 year sy anxiety disorder hy voxamin 50 mg istimal karta hun. pehly mujy sirf masala tha chakar aty thy aur gabrahat the.. abi chkr gabrahat ni hy abhi sochain ati hy k pagal ho raha hn apny ap ko maru ya koyi chez table py pari hy is ko ko dewar py Maro voxamin k Sath olanzia 5 mg 1/2 istimal karta hn.

Psychologist in Hyderabad - Asma Laghari

Asma Laghari - Psychologist

Certified in Self Development, Professional Accredited Life Coaching, Certified in Existential Well-being Counseling | Hyderabad


12 Positive Reviews

Please book therapy Sessions it will help you alot

Psychologist in Islamabad - Ms. Shamikha Batool

Ms. Shamikha Batool - Psychologist

BS Psychology, MS Clinical Psychology | Islamabad


48 Positive Reviews

Book your appointment with me you will be fine After having therapy session with me . For session book your appointment online through marham app with me

Psychologist in Islamabad - Asst. Prof. Dr. Mr Umar

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mr Umar - Psychologist

M.Sc Psychology | Islamabad


22 Positive Reviews

consult nearest dr he ne medicine de gein eh bhtr bta sakty hein or share ur history with details tabi solution Nikly ga

Psychologist in Vehari - Ms Aniqa Razi

Ms Aniqa Razi - Psychologist

MSc (Clinical Psychology) , MPhil (Psychologist) | Vehari


60 Positive Reviews

book your appointment sir. in sha Allah bht sary symptoms n problems 1st session ma e khtm ho jaen gy. you will feel the difference

Psychologist in Gujrat - Ms. Fazilat Shahzadi

Ms. Fazilat Shahzadi - Psychologist

MSc psychology, Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology (ADCP), DHMS | Gujrat


200 Positive Reviews

W salam, khud ko just medicine se treat nhi kre. Apko counselling and psyotherapy ki zaroort hain jo apko racing thought se nikalne m help kre gi or apko khud life main stand hone k kabil bnaye gi na k ap apne brain ko medicine k through solution nikale stresses ka. Apki detail history chaheay k ye kese start huwa problem apka life style pr environment kesa hain. Is main apka 45 mint ka session hoga jis m detail apke problem pr baat hogi or apko best treatment suggest kya jaye ga.
Dr fazilat Shahzadi

Ap Online oppointment be le skte hain ya phir
Ikram Hospital visit kr skte hain

Psychologist in Pakpattan - Ms. Nazma Sahar

Ms. Nazma Sahar - Psychologist

| MSc | MPhil | | Pakpattan


17 Positive Reviews

u need to share everything in detail with counseling sessions and therapies

Psychologist in Lahore - Ms. Sania Akbar

Ms. Sania Akbar - Psychologist

MS (Clinical Psychology) | Lahore


14 Positive Reviews

aoa you need conselling session and in sha allah you can recover soon ..

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Sara Zafar

Sara Zafar - Psychologist

MSC psychology, M.phil Clinical Psychology | Faisalabad


18 Positive Reviews

book your appointment for better treatment n consultation thankyou

Psychologist in Sargodha - Mr. Mudassar Abbas

Mr. Mudassar Abbas - Psychologist

BS (Psychology) | Sargodha


7 Positive Reviews

book your appointment with consultant

Psychologist in Karachi - Ghulam Muhammad

Ghulam Muhammad - Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist | Karachi

Book me

Psychologist in Lahore - Dr. Hira Bukhari

Dr. Hira Bukhari - Psychologist

| MS Clinical Psychology | | Lahore


2 Positive Reviews

Ws...medicine apk symptoms ko kam kr skty hn magar kia hi behtr ho agr ap medcn k sth sth counselling b ln ksi psychologist s...prshn na hn ap kch hi waqt m behtr ho jaein bs thra hosnla chahye....and plz go to any good psychologist for counselling

Counselor in Sargodha - Aneela Arshad

Aneela Arshad - Counselor

| MSc (Psychology) | | Sargodha


9 Positive Reviews

ap khul k btaayn k kysi sochen aati hyn apko, ap session lyna chahty hyn ya medicne lyna chaty hyn? ap clear btayn tw apko respond kr skti hu myn
further yeh btayn k ap ko hr time sochen aati hyn ya koi specific time h? Or koi esi cheez h ya person h k jo apko soothe kr sky?
apni qualification b btaye ga kindly


Post Owner

g mam kbi kbi sochy Ati hy kabi kabi lagta hy k pagal ho raha hn aur kbi kbi aisy soch aty hy k apny ap KO mar do aur mai clerk Job karta hn. BA qualification

2 years ago

Psychologist in Kamararod - Razia Zahid

Razia Zahid - Psychologist

| MSc (Clinical Psychology) | | Kamararod


11 Positive Reviews

you need counselling with treatment book session

Psychologist in Gujrat - Raffia Qasim

Raffia Qasim - Psychologist

MS Clinical Psychologist, BS Clinical Psychologist, NLP ( hypnosis practitioner ) | Gujrat


8 Positive Reviews

walekum salam medicine k sath sath therapy symptoms KO jaldi aur effectively relieve karne main help karti hy. Soch ko tabdeel karne ya samajhne k liye ap ko detail history discuss Karna ho gee us k liye ap session book karwa sakte hain

Psychologist in Rawalpindi - Amna Zahid

Amna Zahid - Psychologist

| MS (Psychology) | | Rawalpindi


6 Positive Reviews

Ap medicine ka use mat krin medicine ki bajye apko counsellingki zarorat h....Book your session with me for proper counselling and treatment inshallah you will feel better.

Psychologist in Lahore - Nabgha Batool Naqvi

Nabgha Batool Naqvi - Psychologist

Masters (Psychology) , MPhil | Lahore


4 Positive Reviews

app apny msly ki details share krain. is k sath sath kindly ek proper session book krain

Psychologist in Multan - Shaista Nasir

Shaista Nasir - Psychologist

| MSc Applied Psychology | Positive psychiatry | | Multan


5 Positive Reviews

ws ,
kindly ye btaye gaa koi psychotherapy bhi use ki any pervious psychological Consultation ?I need your indetail history and the Good News is that yes it is treatable without medicine and if you would like to discuss more on that situation please book me for further discussion.
Thanks for ask really appreciated
Best regards,
Shaista Nasir
(PS Psychologist ,IAOTH Accredited Therapist)

Psychologist in Gujranwala - Ms Sana Mehmood

Ms Sana Mehmood - Psychologist

|MSc Psychology| | ADCP ( Avance Diploma in Clinical psycology) | | Gujranwala


19 Positive Reviews

book your session with me... apko counseling or therapy ki b zrort hy sath... medicine k ilawa... insha Allah thik ho jyn gy

Psychologist in Bahawalpur - Ms. Iram Shehzadi

Ms. Iram Shehzadi - Psychologist

MSc Applied Psychology, ADCP (Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology), M.Phil in Clinical Psychology | Bahawalpur

kindly explain the symptoms, in detail

Psychologist in Islamabad - Ms. Rimsha Paracha

Ms. Rimsha Paracha - Psychologist

BS Hons Psychology MS Clinical Psychology | Islamabad


6 Positive Reviews

Change your psychiatrist, jo apka apne aap ko marne ka dil kr rha hai aur aisi thoughts arhe hain thats probably due to olanzia as its a psychotic drug and if you only have anxiety tou i dont know why your doctor has prescribed olanzia. Kindly get yourself consulted with a good psychiatrist first and then you can book a session with me for counseling. Khud say koi medicine nahi chorni kyun k uske bhe bht buray side effects hotay hain agr abruptly chpr di jaye.. Medications have drastic side effects.

Psychologist in Islamabad - Ms. Rimsha Paracha
Ms. Rimsha Paracha - Psychologist

BS Hons Psychology MS Clinical Psychology | Islamabad | Book Appointment

review-stars 6 Positive Reviews

For proper diagnosis of your issue, i need to ask details from you thoroughly and for that i would need to take your session.

2 years ago

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Aqsa Shabbir

Aqsa Shabbir - Psychologist

BS (Clinical Psychology) | Faisalabad


20 Positive Reviews

book your session with me
you need proper treatment

Psychologist in Islamabad - Sara Ahmed

Sara Ahmed - Psychologist

| MSc (Psychology) | ADCP | M.Phill | | Islamabad


1 Positive Reviews

Assalam o alaikum

Anxiety is fueled by persistent over-thinking. Aap 2 saal se medication per hain lekin symptoms mazeed kharab ho rahay hain because medication alone cant help. You need therapy and counselling to help you understand how your thought pattern is affecting you daily life functioning and what methods you can learn to over come this difficult time and return to a healthier life. Schedule a session with a psychologist as early as possible.

Praying for brighter and better days ahead.


Psychologist in Lahore - Aleen Fatima

Aleen Fatima - Psychologist



2 Positive Reviews

apko apni soch k uper kaam krne ki zarort h jisk lea ksi mahir-e-nafsiat se raju kren

Psychologist in Lahore - Shahbaz Anwar

Shahbaz Anwar - Psychologist

| MSc | MPhil (Clinical Psychology ) | Lahore

w.s bhi ap medicine k sath proper counselor krwayn then bhtr hu jyn gy ......

Psychologist in Rawalpindi - Laraib Gull

Laraib Gull - Psychologist

MSc Psychology | Rawalpindi


3 Positive Reviews

medication ki waja say bhi asa hota ha ... lakin ap ka pehly he issue tha is liye agar ap proper session lain you will get better

Psychologist in Lahore - Tehmina Asghar

Tehmina Asghar - Psychologist

MSc Clinical Psychology, NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner | Lahore


111 Positive Reviews

WAS. kuch medicines k side effects bhi hotai hain jin ki wajha sai chakar atai hain.ap Psychologist sai baat karain, consultation session book karwa lain.ap ki detail history jaan kar treatment plan banai ga aur ap apni thoughts pai control kar k kuch positive soch sakain gai aur productive kar sakain gai. sirf medicines sai buhat jald farq nahi par raha,is liye Psychological treatment bhi lain.

Psychologist in Bahawalpur - Tahira Yasmeen

Tahira Yasmeen - Psychologist

Masters (Psychology), M.Phil (Continue) | Bahawalpur


5 Positive Reviews

wa alikum salam you need medicine+ session in Sha Allah you feel better

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Maria Hussain

Maria Hussain - Psychologist

| MSc (Clinical Psychology) | CBT | Faisalabad


8 Positive Reviews

Medicine sirf waqti relief daiti Hy apki condition curable hy please book your appointment and you will feel change from 1st session. In Shaa ALLAH

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Maria Hussain

Maria Hussain - Psychologist

| MSc (Clinical Psychology) | CBT | Faisalabad


8 Positive Reviews

Apko medicine se bhi chutkara mill Jaye ga

Psychologist in Jhang - Fariha Fatima

Fariha Fatima - Psychologist

| Masters (Psychology) | | Jhang


10 Positive Reviews

waslam... your problem can be treated with counseling session... anxiety and depression can easily be treated with counseling... so feel free to talk with me . book youe session so we start our treatment...soon

Psychologist in Islamabad - Ms. Airas Rasool Chaudhary

Ms. Airas Rasool Chaudhary - Psychologist

BS Psychology | Islamabad


94 Positive Reviews

Hy please book your appointment with us.

Clinical Psychologist in Lahore - Muhammad Mustabeen

Muhammad Mustabeen - Clinical Psychologist

| MS in Clinical Psychology | | Lahore


8 Positive Reviews

bht sary reasons hoskty hen aur is ka proper psychological treatment hota hy, kindly book your appointment.

Psychiatrist in Karachi - Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ayub Baloch Gold Medalist

Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ayub Baloch Gold Medalist - Psychiatrist

MBBS, FCPS Psychiatry ( Gold-Medalist ) International Associate, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. International Member, American Psychiatric Association. Consultant Psychiatrist (Specialist in the treatment of Psychiatric, Sexual & Drug Addiction) Certificated Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. | Karachi


351 Positive Reviews

Thank You for sharing.
Some time antidepressant medication causes agitation, the symptoms you mentioned.
Need detail assessment to help you better with this.


Psychologist in Rawalpindi - Tayyaba Fida Kayani

Tayyaba Fida Kayani - Psychologist

ADCP, BS Hons Psychology | Rawalpindi


1 Positive Reviews

ap counseling sessions ar therapy ki taraf jaen, is se apko farq pare ga in shaa Allaah

Psychologist in Faisalabad -  Ramsha Waleed

Ramsha Waleed - Psychologist

BS (Psychology), Advanced Diploma In CBT, Certified of Pharmacotherapy | Faisalabad


78 Positive Reviews

W.s, Bro, medicines solution ni hen.. woh apko sust krti hen.. apke reactions ko control krti hen
lakin koi b medicine kbi bhi apke masle ko hal ni krti. us waja ko khatam ni krti jis waja ne hmen anxiety mei mubtala kia hai..
islie hm kbi b theek ni hote..
hm sirf tb behter hote hen. jb hm apne problems acknowledge kr k unko solve krte hen. aise mei therapies hi help krti hrn..

Psychologist in Rawalpindi - Ehsan Zafar Awan

Ehsan Zafar Awan - Psychologist

MSc (Applied Psychology) Certification in Psychiatry Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology, MS Level in Subjects organizational Behaviour & Management | Rawalpindi


542 Positive Reviews

A psychological session from me can change your life and it would make you much better and relaxed. Book my appointment through Marham
Best Regards
Dr Ehsan Clinical Psychologist & Certified Psychiatry

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