I am 26 years old female going to marry in august my husband is loving he used to live in dubai few days back i wokeup at night facing severe palpitations and shortness of breathe i went to ER my ECG nad ECHO was clear but heart rate was 130.and hb 10.2 they ask me to take inderal and bromazepam 3mg at bed time for 3.days and fefolvit for iron deficiency after taking this i become Good but faced severe hair fall now since last 2.nights again i face anxiety at night could not sleep but hardly 2.hours my situation become worst at night and i feel ok at day time i feel desire for sleep at night but cnt sleep due to shortness of breath and palpitations dryness of mouth i feel a fear that if i sleep i cnt wakeup for sehri normaly my mind keep thinking about i will miss my ill grand maa after marriage i will not meet her for long tym etc should i take bromazepam 3mg half tab again at night?? For how many days should i take it i am super restless Plz guide.


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you can consult for this problem and get better help without these medicines too.

currently i am in europe but you can call me on messenget at after 8 pm pak time.


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Thankyou soo much doctor


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That was a panic attack and now you develop fear (anxiety) you need to consult a psychologist for assessment diagnosis and treatment.


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Thankyou sooo much doctor.

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Dear, you are experiencing panic symptoms. Moreover, you may have multiple level of thoughts before marriage as it is a huge step and fear and anxiety is a common experience considering the timing before your marriage. Any such thought may have triggered the symptoms. You should better consult psychologist before taking medications.


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Nothing to worry about. I think this is too early to take medications

You can contact me for the further discussion so that we can find the solution together :)


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well u need counseling for these anxiety attacks. get an appointment for
hosp n see me..