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I am suffering from severe anxiety and mild depression. My heart beats fastly most of the times and I feel agitated. I lose my temper pretty often and it gets very hard for me to concentrate on my works. I waste a lot of time doing nothing and worrying. I eat in hurry and do everything in a hurry like I am always on the verge of fire. I feel like it has also disturbed my sleeping pattern as I sleep a lot. I sleep like 10 to 12 hours daily and it has been happening for a few months now. I lose my temper in public and cry a lot when I am alone. I also have the public anxiety disorder as my heart starts beating too fast when I meet people and my hands start to shiver, too.


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You could benefit from an assessment with a psychiatrist as well as focused work with a clinical psychologist in your city.


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Anxiety is condition which triggers when our coping mechanisms are weak, and this condition increase the feeling of uncertanity which leads toward hopelessness, increase the fear of failure and depression. For your case Anxiety is 100% treatble condition you can contact me at 042-32591427, 042-32591427, for book an appointment.


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U need proper sessions...... Per session fee 042-32591427,


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Dear u need deep breathing exercises and consultation with psychologist to
assess and mange through sessions


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Thank You for your questions, As you have shared the symptoms of anxiety, detailed interviewing is the need of the hour for the purpose of assessment and evaluation to move forward and seek help regarding management of the symptoms otherwise it will get severe. You sound like you are experiencing Generalized Anxiety as well as suffering from confidence issues, low self-esteem and social phobia. It is possibility that there exist other mixed symptoms that will reveal comorbidities. In case of having thoughts regarding harming self or others, immediately contact emergency setting for evaluation and assessment by a mental health professional near you. I recommend you to seek therapy services as soon as possible. If you need my services I will be happy to help as I will be in karachi from coming Monday. You can contact 042-32591427, .

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