Depression,useless Thinkings


Assalam o alaikum!!!I am a medical student (2nd year)I am suffering from some kind of depression and useless thinkings .I am suffering from aggressive condition after some days but I can control this .But this situation is troubling me I am unable to understand why this all happening to me and what is the treatment of this????


Aisha Malik

You need to see a psychologist.

Dr. Nazish Idrees - Psychologist

PhD Scholar in Clinical Psychology, MS (Clinical Psychology), Msc (HDFS), Dietetics,Diploma in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Diploma in Diet and Nutritional Advisor with distinction, Diploma in Family and Relationship Therapist | Lahore

Dear medical student, our brain is a complex organ and it keeps on producing millions of thoughts everyday, there may be number of factors in your environment including stress and family or relationship problems that are affecting your thought process. It is better to consult a psychologist for the purpose of assessment and release confusion as well as to learn and get trained for controlling your thoughts. There are countless strategies to use. A psychologist will be able to suggest you with suitable intervention based on your condition and possibility after detailed interviewing session.

Thank You for your question, I recommend you to seek therapy services as well with assessment and evaluation to gain clarity and get rid of worry. If you need my services I will be happy to help.. You can contact 042-32591427, .

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