he is always crying he is not leaving his mom when he is angry he hitting head with anything


consalt to any child psychologist...he needs assessment for proper dignoses...i mean to find out his problem n rout cause of the problem..


MS(Clinical And Counciling Psychology) | Lahore

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seems to have separation anxiety. Needs to have assessment for diagnosis


PhD Scholar in Clinical Psychology, MS (Clinical Psychology), Msc (HDFS), B.sc Dietetics,Diploma in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Diploma in Diet and Nutritional Advisor with distinction, Diploma in Family and Relationship Therapist | Lahore

The person is going through severe depressive episode, please take him to psychiatric emergency, may require hospitalization/admission at a nearby setting

Amina Iftikhar Bhatti
Amina Iftikhar Bhatti - Psychologist

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7.9 year child sever depression??? need hospitalization?!

2 years ago


Masters, Mphil (Clinical Psychology) | Rawalpindi

the child seems to b over protected by the family and he is over attached
with the mom she has to separate the child from her to handle this issue
plus dont attend him when he is angry


Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Addiction Psychiatry Residency Program | Islamabad

All is due to the Hot dialogues b/w Parents in front of him!!!


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