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I don't know if it's appropriate to ask her. But there is something which really bothers me. I am attracted towards the same sex, I have been sexually abused as a child which might also be a reason to it. Is there any solution to it. I have never talked about it to someone before. And it's really difficult for me to trust any psychologist or psychiatrist, hence I am not comfortable enough to go. Any tips/advice is highly appreciatable.


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It is not bothering g at is common problem in this current
ages.....u can take session online.


i respect and appreciate your question and i know its hard to ask but i would recommend you to visit a psychologist in person because its very important. Such issues cant be handled online


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dear its very important to trust and discuss ur problem with psychologist ,
just having tips will not solve ur complicated problem


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You should seek Orgasmic Reconditioning. That is a therapeutic technique to gradually develop sexual interest and attraction towards the opposite gender. If you find further guidance i can send you the procedure of doing OR


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Thank you mam. I will highly appreciate if you can email me at

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Thank You for your question, I recommend you to seek therapy services through online media or over phone for assessment and evaluation and to gain speedy recovery through learning about management. If you need my services I will be happy to help.. You can contact 042-32591427, .

But it is important to discuss here that confidentiality is the purpose of therapy session to relieve the clients problems and we maintain it very well as an ethical duty to prevent harm. We understand the level of sensitivity.


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Aisha Malik can you please look into this case ?


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Hi. It's k. No need to get embarrassed. Pl visit my clinic
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