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My son is 12 years old. He is very slow in all works like writing. He couldn't change his clothes himself He is very slow to pick up all things what ever it's a game or some task given by me. Even he couldn't play with fidget spiner I gave him multipurpose tasks but he couldn't do. I'm much worried. He is the only child of mine. Although he is very good in mathematics. Sometimes he behaved like an active child. He tried much but he couldn't do. Please help. Do I need a psychiatrist?


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you need to take him to a clinical psychologist who practices in child psychology as well. They would be able to evaluate the child psychologically and intelligence wise as well.

At times a child is a slow learner, at times they need a specific way of teaching to enhance learning and at times there are behavioral problems that hamper learning. Along with that intellectual problems can arise as well. You ll be required to give the detailed history of the child too.

So it is recommended that you get the child properly evaluated by a psychologist. you ll get a clear picture of the problem and they ll refer you to the treatment plan too.


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its strange to know that he cant even change his clothes but still he is
good at mathematics ,he might need IQ testing if IQ is ok then he needs
therapy i.e behavior modifications may b he is ur only child and he is
over protected and he is deliberate not doing things this all needs proper
assessment by a good psychologist