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Assalamuaaikum doc. I have strange fear and stage fear from childhood I get very scared to meet new people my hands shiver and start sweating I can't even have eye contact with them I am from very conservative family Plz say how to get rid of this fear Jazakallahu khairan doc.


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u can take session online .....per session fee is 042-32591427, pkr


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Well wat u have stated, shows u r experiencing social anxiety n it is a
psychological disorder which makes u incompetent in social situations
U feel difficult in meeting new people n experience sweating , rapid heart
beat and excessive related anxiety symptoms.
Therapy online is not feasible as this disorder has roots in childhood.


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How to get rid of this fear ?
Thnks for helping me

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your symptoms are more linked with Anxiety and this need therapy to learn the skills to handle such situations in life.


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dear u r suffering from Anxiety disorder , u need a detail evaluation and
management , also do relaxation exercises


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Hi. U need counselling. Pl visit my clinic in Lahore.
Hameedah memorial hosp Lahore valancia
Get an appointment from there.


This fear is needed to be addressed as this issue is treatable for details
visit global rehab centre or call 042-32591427, 042-32591427, .