5 “Not To Do” Things Before Appointment with Doctor

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Planning a visit to the doctor is always a messed up thing. First of all managing time is so difficult. Secondly, when you got time for that finding a good yet economical doctor is another trouble. So in this busy era even getting health is not a piece of cake.

To avoid more trouble you need to remind yourself of things that can ruin your Appointment with Doctor and do not make it up to the mark. Let’s find out that what you should need to make an appointment more fruitful.

No Coffee Before Blood Test

If you are going for a blood test or blood pressure test you must not use coffee or anything that contains caffeine. It will not give you an accurate result. When there will be no accurate result than surely you will not able to find out actual issue. The fact is when you drink caffeine it will give a higher amount of blood pressure level than usual.

Water is the Good Option

Take a proper amount of water even regularly. But make sure that when you are going for an appointment you must intake a good amount of water. Your test will be more accurate and there are more chances for normal results. Water just act like a fuel to our body.

water is the good option


No Heavy Meal

Some of the checkups need fasting just like diabetes. But other than this never, I repeat never take heavy and high fats meal before going to doctor. There is no need to get an appointment if you are having a heavy meal. It’s more like wastage of money.



Must Eat

If you are not asking for fasting before appointment then make sure that you are having a meal. Keep it light but do not skip a meal. Fasting is a good option because it creates acidity level high in the stomach.

No Medication

Until and unless your doctor advises you to take medication does not take medicines before any test or appointment. If you really want some real results to keep this in mind that extra medication can alter it very quickly.
All these advice are for the betterment of your health. So take a pen and make a note.

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