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Asking for Self, Male, 32 years old, karachi

DR: sallam allekum. mujhe 2 years pehle depession aur anxiety thi. abhi mujhe aise lag raha hai jaise apna body control loss kar raha hun. aur past boolne laga hun, aur mujhe lag raha hai k hours bohut zyada speed se ja rahe hein. aur helpless/ sinner / feel kr raha hun Marham Find A Doctor

Psychologist in Lahore - Squadron Leader Ahmed Salman

Squadron Leader Ahmed Salman - Psychologist

Masters in Psychology, Diploma in Clinical Psychology, MS Clinical Psychology (Continue) | Lahore


1041 Positive Reviews

Do exercise, walk, jog for one hour daily. have sound sleep for 8 hours daily. Have CBT from an expert clinical psychologist via marham.pk

Member of Marham-Forum

ap pareshan na hon marham ap ki madad k lie majood hay..mayushi gunah hy Allah nay her hmari ki shifts Rakhi hy ham say rabta Karen ap ko theak hony mein puri madad Karen gay..


Psychologist in Sahiwal - Ms. Sadaf Aftab

Ms. Sadaf Aftab - Psychologist

MSc (Clinical Psychology), Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology (ADCP), Member of Mental Health Association, Certified in Diagnosis | Sahiwal


9 Positive Reviews

its curable by psychotherapy .. book an appointment for more details. Regards

Psychologist in Pakpattan - Ms. Nazma Sahar

Ms. Nazma Sahar - Psychologist

| MSc | MPhil | | Pakpattan


21 Positive Reviews

u need counseling in detail,u ll be changed insha'Allah stay connected to a psychologist

Psychologist in Bahawalpur - Tahira Yasmeen

Tahira Yasmeen - Psychologist

Masters (Psychology), M.Phil (Continue) | Bahawalpur


5 Positive Reviews

you should need a good psychologist in sha ALLAH will better

Psychologist in Lahore - Bushra Sadiq

Bushra Sadiq - Psychologist

MS Clinical Psychology, ADCP (Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology), MSc Psychology | Lahore


17 Positive Reviews

don't u worry we are here to help you...plz book ur appointment for help

Psychologist in Lahore - Ms. Anam Shahzadi

Ms. Anam Shahzadi - Psychologist

BS Psychology, MS Clinical Psychology | Lahore

book ur opintment with me...

Psychologist in Multan - Ms. Sana Saleem

Ms. Sana Saleem - Psychologist

M.Sc Applied Psychology, Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology | Multan


6 Positive Reviews

you need yo uncover the root of this problem depression and anxiety both have provoking event. you need to discuss your life step by step with counselor he or she will help you. sometimes you must have to give some space to yourself means act in a way that you feel. listen to your own mind what it saying to you. appreciate yourself on good acts. correct yourself without critise.

Psychologist in Lahore - Hafiza Tuba Qamar

Hafiza Tuba Qamar - Psychologist

MS clinical psychology, PMDCP, Msc Applied Psychology | Lahore


6 Positive Reviews

book your session with me....in sha Allah your problem will be sort out

Psychologist in Gujranwala - Ms. Tabassum Naz

Ms. Tabassum Naz - Psychologist

MSc Applied Psychology, MS Clinical Psychology (Continue) | Gujranwala


2 Positive Reviews

ap thek ho jyn gy jesy depression or anxiety ko control Kiya h ye b khtm ho jy ga. mayos na hon. apko achi counseling ki zaroort h. ap achy psychologist sy contact krn. agr ap satisfied hn to free free for appointment

Psychologist in Lahore - Kausar Siddique

Kausar Siddique - Psychologist

Ms clinical psychology, Msc Applied Psychology | Lahore


26 Positive Reviews

Wa salam, 2 sal pehly kia hua, konsi dawai li, apki personality kaisi ha, mukammal history k bad assessment kr k apki therapy hogi. Us k lie kindly clinical psychologist ko visit kren. Mujse treatment start krna chahty hen to through marham appointment book krwayen lahore se hen to vlinic visit kren 13b aibak block garden town lahore.

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Sara Zafar

Sara Zafar - Psychologist

MSC psychology, M.phil Clinical Psychology | Faisalabad


18 Positive Reviews

Book your appointment for better treatment n consultation thankyou

Psychologist in Lahore - Sehar Razzaq

Sehar Razzaq - Psychologist

MS Psychology | Lahore


4 Positive Reviews

book online session me with me

Psychologist in Gujranwala - Ms. Rukhsar Khalid

Ms. Rukhsar Khalid - Psychologist

BS( Applied Psychology), ADCP | Gujranwala

book an appointment as soon as possible. you need psychotherapy.

Psychologist in Lahore - Nilam Mukhtar

Nilam Mukhtar - Psychologist

BS Applied Psychology, MS Psychology | Lahore


45 Positive Reviews

Take a Psychotherapeutic session....

Psychologist in Lahore - Amna Waqar

Amna Waqar - Psychologist

| Bs (Clinical Psychology) | | Lahore


11 Positive Reviews

book online consultation with me in minimum fees it will surely helpful for u

Psychologist in Swat - Sayed Asim Shah

Sayed Asim Shah - Psychologist

MSc Psychology, Medical Diploma In Alternative Medicine, Member British Council for Complementary Therapies | Swat


3 Positive Reviews

Book ur appointment with me online plz it's body dysmorphia and it's treatable

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Amreen Iqbal

Amreen Iqbal - Psychologist

| BSc (Psychology) | MSc (Psychology) | PMDCP | | Faisalabad

You Can Book an Online Session

Psychologist in Lahore - Ms Haya Awais Chughtai

Ms Haya Awais Chughtai - Psychologist

Bachelors Hon (Psychology), Masters in Clinical and Counselling Psychology | Lahore


14 Positive Reviews

Please keep a session with em and we can discuss this

Psychologist in Swat - Sayed Asim Shah

Sayed Asim Shah - Psychologist

MSc Psychology, Medical Diploma In Alternative Medicine, Member British Council for Complementary Therapies | Swat


3 Positive Reviews

It's psychopath problem regarding Bdd and Acute confusion disorder its treated with session nd some medications. proper treatment is needed dear book ur appointment with me I treat daily 20 to 30 patients regarding Bdd

Psychologist in Lahore - Pulwasha Arif

Pulwasha Arif - Psychologist

BS in Applied Psychology, MS Clinical Psychology (Cont.) | Lahore


16 Positive Reviews

Need proper Therapy... ap session book kren

Psychologist in Islamabad - Asst. Prof. Mr Umar

Asst. Prof. Mr Umar - Psychologist

M.Sc Psychology | Islamabad


24 Positive Reviews

aisa past mei kch howa hoga js se apko aisa feel ho rha hy dr ko check krwen and detail btaen taa k kch help and guide kr saken

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Ms. Javaria Shahzad

Ms. Javaria Shahzad - Psychologist

BS Hons (Applied Psychology) | Faisalabad


4 Positive Reviews

I might need more history for assessment

Member of Marham-Forum

W. Salam ap appointment book kary. Ta ky ap sy ap ky depression or anxiety ky baary me baat ho saky. Os ky baad treatment ka bataya ja sakta hai. InshaAllah session ky baad bht behtar mehsoos kary gy

Psychologist in Gujrat - Ms. Seerat Un Nisa

Ms. Seerat Un Nisa - Psychologist

BS, ADCP, Diploma in Hypnotherapy | Gujrat


12 Positive Reviews

book your appointment me apki help kru gi IN SHA ALLAH ye msla bilkul thk ho jae ga dont worry

Psychologist in Islamabad - Ms. Airas Rasool Chaudhary

Ms. Airas Rasool Chaudhary - Psychologist

BS Psychology | Islamabad


95 Positive Reviews

Hy your psychologist here,
please give us your full details so you can seek proper treatment, Book us for an appointment.

Psychologist in Rawalpindi - Sadia Aziz

Sadia Aziz - Psychologist

MSc Applied Psychology | Rawalpindi

plz book online session for detail history and management

Psychiatrist in Lahore - Dr. Arooj Fatima

Dr. Arooj Fatima - Psychiatrist

MBBS, Consultant Psychiatrist MD, CPD (Child & Adolescent Mental Health), Certified Geriatric Psychiatrist (APPNA) | Lahore


581 Positive Reviews

take online consultation, might be relapse of depression. treatment will be planned according to severity of illness

Homeopath in Karachi - Dr. Ayesha Kanwal

Dr. Ayesha Kanwal - Homeopath

DHMS , RHMP, C Aesthetics | Karachi


122 Positive Reviews

ap khud ko behtar mahsoos karainga homeopathic medicines sa ( no side effect + positive results ) Book appointment via marham or visit my insta id

Psychologist in Karachi - Ghulam Muhammad

Ghulam Muhammad - Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist | Karachi

Contact me on Marham

Psychologist in Bahawalpur - Tahira Yasmeen

Tahira Yasmeen - Psychologist

Masters (Psychology), M.Phil (Continue) | Bahawalpur


5 Positive Reviews

book online session

Psychologist in Lahore - Asst. Prof. Ms. Sabiha

Asst. Prof. Ms. Sabiha - Psychologist

MSc Psychology , MPhil Psychology | Lahore


4 Positive Reviews

contact me online

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Maria Mumtaz

Maria Mumtaz - Psychologist

| MSC (Psychology) | PGSLT | | Faisalabad


14 Positive Reviews

you can book your online session

Psychologist in Lahore - Kiran Iftikhar

Kiran Iftikhar - Psychologist

| BS. Hons (Psychology) | MS (Clinical Psychology) | | Lahore


23 Positive Reviews

?????? ??????
Ap ka masla manage ho skta h. Ap apny liye session ki booking krwaen ta k wqt p apko is mamly m madad mil jae. M new year discount session p dy rhien hun
Contact me via marham

Psychologist in Rawalpindi - Ms. Shahida Iftikhar

Ms. Shahida Iftikhar - Psychologist

M.Sc Psychology, Humanistic Counseling CPCAB UK, Qualified Cognitive Behavior Therapist | Rawalpindi


64 Positive Reviews

Kindly book session

Psychologist in Peshawar - Psy. Kashmala

Psy. Kashmala - Psychologist

BS Hons Clinical Psychology | Peshawar


3 Positive Reviews

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