3 Horrible Facts About PCOS That Every Woman Must Know

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PCOS is rapidly rising and we have no idea about it. 7 out of 10 women are suffering from this syndrome and they ignore it. Question is rising that why this syndrome is getting common in women and young girls as well.
Well, there is no mystery in it. This disease is getting common due to some very common activities in society. Advancement in technology and the poor routine is not only making us weak but unhealthy as well. Though we have adopted western living style we still lagging behind in healthy food intake just like western people. You must keep the updates about PCOS and here are the reasons that are major causes of this syndrome. Before that let me inform you that by consulting with the best gynecologist in Karachi or any other city you can treat this syndrome eventually.

1) Insulin Resistance:

This is getting common in the modern age. Poor eating habits are one of the major reason behind it. Obesity, smoking, unhygienic food and pollution is also the cause of insulin resistance. It is not only the cause of PCOS but also affecting people with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. When the body does not control the level of insulin it almost affects every organ equally.

2) Laziness:

Have you noticed that the majority of us are getting lazy day by day? This is also a major reason for many diseases in society. We are more willing to sit and watch the whole season rather than get up and do some exercise. For heaven sake guys, get yourself habitual of physical activities before you become dead from inside. It’s not always about keeping a smile on the face, your inner self also must be happy.

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3) Birth Control Pills

Women are continuously using birth control pills these days. They are beneficial for one thing but can be horribly effective on health as well. Other than PCOS it can also cause infertility. You must consult with the best gynecologist in Islamabad before taking any such pills.

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