3 Techniques To Detect Dental Problems

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Radiology has proved its tremendous benefits in almost every field of medicine to diagnose and even to treat different kinds of diseases. Dentistry also finds radiology techniques to be a great help in detecting and solving all dental and oral health issues. Here are listed some wonderful techniques of radiology which are used vigorously in the field of dentistry.

X-ray Radiography:

In common words, dental radiographs are termed as X-rays. Dentistry professionals may use radiographs for various reasons like;

  • To check malignant or benign masses
  • To estimate a bone loss
  • To observe cavities

If you have any dental issue dental radiographs will help your dentist to analyze the damage and severity. To consult the best dental surgeon in Islamabad, Karachi or other main cities of Pakistan visit Marham.pk, Pakistan’s authentic health website.

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dental X-rays

Ultra Sound:

Ultrasound is another radiology technique which is vigorously used in the field of dentistry to get wonder blessings of it. It may be used;


  • To check the thickness of enamel on human teeth.
  • To repair or regrow the missing part of the teeth.

Usually, low-frequency ultrasound is recommended in dental areas to fulfill the needs of scaling. But it is a quite a new technique and needs a lot of further research.
ct scan

Computed Tomography (CT):

Three-dimensional images of teeth can be viewed and analyzed by this wonderful radiology technique. This technology helps the dentists to view each and every angle of the teeth and even the inner structure of the dentine with good accuracy. This may help the dentists in the following ways,

  • To plan orthodontic treatment.
  • To evaluate temporomandibular joint disorders.
  • To diagnose jaw tumors.
  • To determine the presence of abnormal growths.
  • To diagnose periodontal disease.
  • To evaluate dental trauma.
  • Dental implants.

To get the best out of radiology technique, it is foremost to consult the best radiologist. Marham.pk can help you to find the best radiologist in Karachi, Islamabad or any main city of Pakistan, just log on to the website.

Are you perplexed about radiograph as you heard these radiations are harmful? Don’t worry, they are controlled and safe, and exposure to these once or twice is not really damaging.

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