5 Best Pediatric Specialists In Lahore

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Most of the mothers are worried about the health of their kids. Obviously, at the age of 2 to 8 kids needs more attention than usual, In this period they often get ill too. Mother needs immediate and quality health care for their kids. In early age, there are more chances for kids to get ill because of the weak immune system or other unhealthy habits.

There are specialized doctors that can not only give the best services but can also be your family doctor for a long time. Choose a child specialist wisely because kids are mostly scared of doctors a lot. Here are some best Pediatrics Specialists in Lahore that can help your kid in every ailment.

Dr. Abid Rafiq Chaudhry.

He is a highly qualified and one of the best Pediatric Specialists and currently National Hospital and Medical center. Dr. Abid Rafiq Chaudhry has very kind behavior which makes it easy for kids to get treatment from him. He is specialized in vaccination, growth development, immunization, childhood nutrition, and genetic defects.

Dr. Binish Ali

Dr. Binish Ali is a highly qualified and one of the best Pediatric Specialists and child specialist. She is currently working at Iqra Medical Complex. Her specializations include newborn babies health, vaccinations, cerebral palsy, OPD consultation, and adolescent medicine.

Dr. Naveed Akbar Hotiana

Dr. Naveed Akbar Hotiana is well-experienced child specialist and currently working in Ammar Medical Complex Lahore. He has specialized in short stature, immunization, genetic defects, childhood nutrition and nutrition assessment.

Dr. Zeeshan Muneer

Dr. Zeeshan Muneer is a well experienced and highly qualified doctor. He is practicing in children hospital Lahore and Hameed Latif Hospital. His specialties include OPD consultation, fits, and seizures, vaccination, pediatric nutrition and immunization.

Dr. Hassan Suleman Malik

Dr. Hassan Suleman Malik is a generous and highly qualified pediatric doctor. He is currently practicing at Al shafi Hospital. His specialization includes MRC, biopsy, heartburn, ERCP, black stool, fissures, gastroscopy, and protoscopy.

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