5 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Cough In Children

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Coughing has become a very common problem these days especially in children and is usually accompanied by a cold as well. Parents have no idea how to treat this condition and feel helpless every time their kid develops a cough. It gives sleepless nights to both parents and the children. A persistent cough means that there is a presence of an irritant in the throat. In case the condition is serious, you should take your kid to a pediatrician and get proper treatment. You can easily find best child specialist in Karachi or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk

However, in most cases, a cough is associated with common colds and can be controlled with natural remedies. Here are a few common home remedies that can help you treat a cough in children:

1. Massage

A massage makes your child feel better as it stimulates the body to heal all by itself. There are special kind of massages that you can use to treat all kinds of a cough like wet, hacking or a barking cough.

  • Always massage your child with warm mustard oil and garlic.
  • Make sure that you heat both the oil and garlic together to make it effective.
  • Massage your kid’s palm and feet as it will get them a comfortable sleep.

2. Lots of rest

When you take rest, your body heals faster. If your child is suffering from a cough, make them stay home and rest for the day. Activities such as going out, taking the stress of school work, traveling to school and any allergens outside can aggravate a cough your child already has. Since a cough spreads germs around, it’s better to keep him your kid at home to avoid the spread of infection to other kids.

3. Steam

Steam inhalation can be a very helpful option if your child has a wet cough or blocked nose and breathing passages. Warm air from the steam loosens the mucus in the air passages and rid it from the body. What you can do is to heat boil water in a bowl or fill the tub with hot water. Then add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in that water and let your child inhale the steam through the nose. If you are using boiling water in a bowl, you should keep your child a little away from it.

4. Gargling

Gargling is a tried and tested remedy helpful in relieving cough. Add a teaspoon of salt in warm water and it can relieve a sore and scratchy throat. If you gargle thrice a day, it can provide relief from cough as well.

5. Drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated

By drinking the high amount of fluids, you ensure that toxins are flushed out of your body quickly. You should give your little one warm water to drink and keep him or her hydrated always. Drinking water helps in thinning the mucus and makes the removal of mucus easier from the body which reduces a wet cough.

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