5 Foods to Boost Immunity and Fight Flu in Kids

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Winters may make you wonder if your child is a cold and flu magnet or what? Kids get as many as 7 colds in their first year alone. This is a lot of cold and flu to handle. Do you want some helpful tips to make this easier and prevent cold and flu or at least decrease its frequency? Mentioned below are some foods that work well in fighting off cold and flu.

Oranges and Tomatoes:

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C are a must for flu protection. Many experts agree that vitamin C cannot help to relieve symptoms of flu and cold. But researchers do agree that it can be a useful aid in preventing cold and flu. It acts as a general immunity booster and hence prevents the onset of cold and flu. You have to take a daily dose of it though preferably through foods rich in vitamin C. These include strawberries, oranges, broccoli, and tomatoes.



Adding probiotics to your kids’ diet is a smart choice. Especially during cold and flu season, it is recommended to give foods rich in probiotics. These are actually healthy bacteria that populate the gut and fight off bad bugs. Food sources of probiotics include yogurt. These can also be taken in form of a supplement but a child specialist should be consulted for this purpose.

Sweet Potatoes:

This tasty vegetable has a high amount of vitamin A in it. Kids love its sweet taste and it is very beneficial for them as well. Just in a half cup of cooked sweet potatoes can fulfill daily vitamin A requirements of a kid. Other foods containing vitamin A include carrots, red bell peppers, dried apricots, and mangoes. You can also find and consult a nutritionist if you need a customized diet plan for your child.

Chicken Soup:

It not only helps you feel better when you are sick but it is a good preventive tool as well. Researchers believe that it contains many substances that reduce inflammation and promote general health as well. It aids in the betterment of respiratory infections as well. To know more about the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases book an appointment with the best pulmonologist using marham.pk.

Lean Meat:

Optimum iron levels are essential to good immunity. Lean meat such as poultry, beef or mutton is a good source of readily absorbable iron. These also contain zinc that is helpful in fighting infection causing bugs. So, if you see your kid a bit sniffly offer a beef or chicken steak and you will see them feeling better in no time.


Add these healthy options to your kid’s diet and help them enjoy winters. Share this information with parents who may benefit from this.

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