Fight The Flu With These Immunity Boosting Foods

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The changing season again! May God have mercy on us – people with year-long clogged sinuses and irritated throats. The winter season has gone and the three months our body took to adjust to it are gone too. Now our body will transition again to adapt to the new season. Nobody knows this struggle better than me. So with a runny nose and a stuffed head, I am writing about immunity-boosting foods that will help to ease your suffering.

I often wonder if I am a flu magnet? Or is flu a continuous condition I have to learn to live with? People get flu in winters. I get it throughout the year and the worst form of it during the changing seasons. Maybe it is a seasonal allergy? I am particularly, allergic to pollen so springs are the worst for me. You can know the reason behind your flu by consulting a doctor and get a proper diagnosis. 

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Immunity-Boosting Foods

We can not help ourselves in treating these allergies and flu completely. But we can build our immunity. We can prevent this flu and strengthen our bodies to deal with it in a better way. Certain immunity-boosting foods can help you in doing so. There are other ways to boost your immunity as well. 

Oranges and Others

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C are a must for flu protection. Many experts agree that vitamin C cannot help to relieve symptoms of flu and cold. But researchers do agree that it can be a useful aid in preventing cold and flu. It acts as a general immunity booster and hence prevents the onset of cold and flu. You have to take a daily dose of it though, preferably through foods rich in vitamin C. These include strawberries, oranges, broccoli, and tomatoes.


I don’t need any research to back it up. I am telling you from first-hand experience that ginger and ginger ale can do wonders for your throat. With a stuffed nose, breathing gets difficult. Now pair this situation with a sore throat too. Having a lung full of breath seems like the dream you direly want to achieve. In a situation like this taking ginger even once will clear your throat. Taking ginger tea will not only allow the ginger to cure your throat but the warm water will soothe your throat too. 


Adding probiotics to your kids’ diet is a smart choice. Especially during cold and flu season, it is recommended to give foods rich in probiotics. These are actually healthy bacteria that populate the gut and fight off bad bugs. Food sources of probiotics include yogurt. These can also be taken in form of a supplement but a nutritionist should be consulted for this purpose.

Sweet Potatoes

This tasty vegetable has a high amount of vitamin A in it. You will love its sweet taste and it is very beneficial for you as well. Just a half cup of cooked sweet potatoes can fulfill the daily vitamin A requirement of a kid. Other foods containing vitamin A include carrots, red bell peppers, dried apricots, and mangoes. 

Chicken Soup

It not only helps you feel better when you are sick but it is a good preventive tool as well. Researchers believe that it contains many substances that reduce inflammation and promote general health as well. It aids in the betterment of respiratory infections as well.


A warm bowl of oats made in milk can be really soothing when you have flu. It contains whole grains which can do wonders for your overall health. Oatmeals contain vitamin E; an immunity-boosting nutrient. It contains polyphenol antioxidants and beta-glucan fiber, both of which are immunity-boosting substances. 

Lean Meat

Optimum iron levels are essential to good immunity. Lean meat such as poultry, beef, or mutton is a good source of readily absorbable iron. These also contain zinc that is helpful in fighting infection-causing bugs. So, if you see your kid a bit sniffly offer a beef or chicken steak and you will see them feeling better in no time.


You can easily get dehydrated when you have flu. This is because you tend to eat and drink less. If you have a fever accompanying your flu, sweating can be a reason for dehydration. Water and other liquids can help break up congestion and stave off infections. In all the hydrating beverages, water ranks number one. It acts as a natural detox and can help in relieving the symptoms of flu. The benefits of water exacerbate its effect on flu and immunity. 

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