5 Most Visited Hospitals in Karachi

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Criteria: These hospitals are ranked on the basis of reviews and ratings we receive from patients via the Marham website.

Patient satisfaction is one of the biggest problems for health service providers in the whole world. The health service providers are trying to provide the best service but competition is getting tough every day. To compete with this situation Hospitals and clinics has to improve their level.

The Feedback of the patient is very important in the improvement of these hospitals and clinics. According to a survey, the hospitals of Karachi are more upgraded as compared to other cities.

List of 5 Most Visited Hospitals in Karachi.

Patel Hospital:

Patel hospital is one of the biggest and most visited hospitals in Karachi. It is located in Gulshan-E-Iqbal Karachi. Two social workers saw a dream of this hospital and in the time span of 25 years, they built a hospital with their personal finances. Patel Hospital has in-patient out-patient facility with the latest equipment and a highly trained staff.

Patel hospital offers 24-hour emergency service, ambulance service. More than 13 clinical and 5 non-clinical departments are operational and this hospital has the latest machinery for breast surgery and has experienced consultants for their surgical departments. They have a burn unit as well where more than 200 patients are treated daily. Hospital is more focused on cardiology and ENT departments as well but other departments are not ignored. Patel Hospital also has a teaching hospital and a nursing training institute.

Services by Patel Hospital

    • 250 beds
    • VIP Rooms
    • Emergency Services
    • Laboratory Services
    • 13+ Clinical Departments
    • Radiology Department
    • Cafeteria

South City Hospital (SCH):

South City Hospital (SCH) is one of the best hospitals in Karachi. It is located in Shahrah-E-Firdousi Clifton Karachi. The reviews of the patients are very positive about this hospital. The environment of the hospital is very clean and comfortable. SCH is trying to provide the best medical care to the patients who visited there. Almost 1000+ patients visit this hospital on a daily basis. South City Hospital has a very good team of consultants who are serving patients with their skills and experience.

SCH is offering 24/7 emergency services. They are operating the Lab and Radiology department round the clock. This Hospital has the latest and updated machinery. SCH has very good machinery for Bariatric Surgery. Main Area of these Hospitals is Gynecology and paediatrics but now they are focusing on their other departments as well like: Nephrology, cardiology, ENT, Urology etc.

Services by South City Hospital

    • Nursery
    • Pharmacy
    • Emergency Service
    • Lab
    • Radiology Service
    • OPD
    • Eatery

Imam Clinic:

Imam Clinic is one of the oldest but most visit hospitals in Karachi. It is located in North Nazimabad Karachi. The environment of this hospital is very clean. Central air-conditioned departments, temperature-controlled laboratory. Hospital has a very good and trained staff and has a good consultant team who are practising in Imam Clinic.

Their main area of this hospital is orthopedics they have very good and experienced consultants of orthopedic who are serving people there. Now, this hospital is concentrating on other departments like Gynecology, Mental Health, Cardiology and Urology. This Hospital has a burn unit as well and they handle the burn emergencies very carefully. Imam Clinic has an ICU facility.

Services by Imam Clinic

    • VIP rooms
    • 24-hour Emergency Service
    • Lab
    • 24/7 Pharmacy
    • Radiology department
    • Nursery
    • Neonatal ICU

Saifee Hospital:

Saifee Hospital is one of the famous hospitals in Karachi. It is located on North Nazimabad Karachi. This hospital has a very clean and friendly atmosphere. Many consultants practice in this hospital and serve 500 patients daily. This hospital offers quality treatment and quality care to their patients.

Saifee Hospital is well-equipped OPD rooms where consultants can examine a patient easily. Hospital has 4 operation theatres, 23 departments are in service, 24-hour emergency service, pharmacy service, ambulance service.

In the Last 5 years, Saifee Hospital has updated their equipment and modernize the building. All department has been restructured and renovated as well.

Services by Saifee Hospital

    • 332 Beds
    • 23 Departments
    • Emergency 24/7
    • Lab Service
    • Medical &Neonatal ICU
    • VIP Rooms
    • Eatery

Liaquat National Hospital:

Liaquat National Hospital is one of the top hospitals in Karachi. It is located on Stadium Road Karachi. In the start, the hospital was based on four medical OPD services and 50 beds but now this hospital has 700 beds in the area of 52 acres. LNH works on the most advanced treatment methodology. Their purpose is to make every patient healthy.

Liaquat National Hospital has many good departments serving the people, they have Neurology, Gynecology, Dermatology, Cardiology, Nephrology and Urology. Hospital is providing 24-hour emergency, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology and also have the eatery services.

Services Offered by Liaquat National Hospital.

    • 24/7 Emergency service
    • Lab service
    • Radiology Services
    • Pharmacy
    • Air-conditioned rooms
    • Eatery

Healthcare is growing in Karachi because of the hospitals in Karachi are playing their role, adopting the latest techniques and updating their technologies continuously. Marham is also trying to provide you with the best information about hospitals and doctors. You can easily get the information and visit these hospitals or you can also consult online with the doctors practising in these hospitals and the doctors of other hospitals in Pakistan.

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