5 Possible Causes Of Breast Cancer

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There is a number of causes of breast cancer. Cancer is something that can turn your life into worst condition within days. Even breast cancer is also emerging its roots in men as well. But women are still at more risk. Before the cure for this disease, we need to know the root cause of breast cancer and why it is getting viral.

Sadly in Pakistan, this diseases is spreading like a wildfire. In medical health, there is a dire need to control this situation before it gets late. Although these causes are not confirmed yet but still considered by most of the doctors. Here are some major reasons behind breast cancer which every woman need to consider.


Most breast cancer occurs in aged women. Women more than 40 are more likely to suffer from this rather than the younger one. In recent research, it is found that women are suffering through this disease in early age as well. So we cannot confine this disease now to a specific age.


Ladies that are addictive to alcohol consumption are more likely to be a victim of breast cancer and the same can be the reason in men as well. Using more than a sufficient amount of alcohol is always a bad idea.

Family history.

If any near relation in your family had breast cancer and you are feeling a lump on your chest or its surrounding then you must get a checkup from a gynecologist. It is not compulsory that you have breast cancer but in most cases, family history is directly related to affect another member too.

Late childbirth or No pregnancy.

Those ladies who gave birth to a child after long or because of any reason unable to give birth to a child are more likely to suffer from breast cancer. Their cells increase rapidly in the breast and thus causes cancer.

Early menstruation.

Those women who have their periods before the age of 12 are more likely to be the victim of cancer in their late 40’s.
Cancer still is a very complicated disease. Causes and treatments are not very obvious so it is also difficult yet.

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