5 Unrevealed Facts About Earwax Are Here.

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“Clean the earwax”. We listen to it often from our parents. But is this really true? Do we really need to clean our earwax often? There are so many myths and ambiguities we have in our mind about Earwax. We really need to get out these myths because it’s not always wise to believe unproven statements.

In this article, we are going to discuss some real facts about earwax that many of us are unaware of. Let’s have a look.

What is earwax?

Even I wasn’t much aware of this question until I searched for it. So according to research earwax is made up of sebum combined with skin cells of the ear. God hasn’t created anything useless. So this wax is nothing to “eww” on. This is actually the protection of ear.

Type of earwax

This wax has two type. Wet and dry wax. Although we cannot specify it. But research claims that people from Asian region like China and Korea tend to have dry wax rather than wet. It also depends on genes. People from other regions like America have wet this wax.

Do Not Clean It.

Our ears have a self-cleaning system. This means you don’t need to use cotton buds and other accessories to clean this wax. It can automatically clean out and generate again. Just like tears for eyes and mucus for the nose, this wax is also important for the protection of ear.


Excess Earwax can be harmful.

If because of any reason this wax is not cleaning by itself then it can block the ear. Due to this blockage, one can also lose the hearing ability. Blockage must be eliminated as soon as possible and only a good ENT specialist can help in it. Excessive this wax includes some major symptoms that are dizziness, sensation in the ear, ringing in ear and feeling of fullness of ear.


Natural Barrier.

It is a natural barrier for the ear that actually protects it from dust and different bacteria. The eardrum is a sensitive part so it needs this protection. Even it protect the eardrum from noise.

Few Most Popular ENT Specialists:

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