6 Ways To Encourage Your Child In Fitness Activities.

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Video games and the Internet have already spoiled today’s generation. Kids these days are least interested in outdoor activities. This is one of the big reason that obesity is also increasing day by day. It is not just common in kids but also in youngsters as well. There is a number of reasons behind it. Shortage of time and overuse of technology is the major reason. Children mostly spend 7 hours per day on TV, computer and other electronic devices. There is a dire need to encourage children in healthy fitness activities.

Consult with child’s doctor

Before deciding anything first talk to the specific doctor of your children. Make sure that you do not force your kid for anything. Kids are naturally not reluctant to any harsh behavior

Plan fun activities

Kids are very moody these days. They need fun in life. Even if they are eating something they need food with fun. So if you want them to do fitness activities you have to put more fun into those activities. You can book an appointment with the best pediatrician in Karachi or any other big city from Marham.pk. 

Be a partner

Kids always follow your steps. If you want them to do fitness activity start it with yourself. Act like a partner to your kids. This is how they will follow your steps and learn the importance of fitness.

Limitize technology

Limit their interest in TV, Computer, and other gadgets. If they will not focus on why fitness activities are important then they will not able to adopt this activity as well. Stop them to watch TV more often.

Plan for exercise and diet

Organize a chart of diet and exercise. Display this chart in your kid’s room. Keep on reminding them of the chart and plan. Also, organize the chart in a colorful way. Colors always attract the kids.

Avoid overdue

Avoid emphasizing things for kids. They can get irritated within no time. Target is not to irritate them instead of it encourage them.

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