7 Top Summer Health Hazards

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Winters have bidden you farewell and summers are in the house. Yes, we are all excited about summer fun and water sports. Meanwhile, some health hazards are also lurking on the edge that you need to ward off before you plunge into all that fun. Know about most frequent summer health hazards and to keep these at bay. Here are few tips following which you can render yourself safe while enjoying summers.

Choose Right Foot-Wear:

Flip-flops and other lightweight airy shoes seem to be the best fit for summers but if you can bend your flip-flop it is too fragile to support your foot and you can end up with a sprained ankle if you go for long walks or play sports wearing this kind of shoes. To fix issues of your foot and ankle pain book an appointment with the best orthopedic physician in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk.
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Stay Safe at Beach:

Always check with the lifeguard to know about water conditions. Rip currents can pull swimmers into the sea and shore breaks can cause serious injuries. Keep kids under observation to avoid any unpleasant accident.

Brain-Eating Amoeba:

This tiny organism is found in lakes and rivers. It can enter through the nose and lead to a fatal brain infection. To steer clear of it avoid swimming in warm fresh waters. Use of nose clips and avoiding diving should also be observed. In case of any brain-related disorders book an appointment with the best neurologist in Karachi, Lahore and all other main cities via Marham.pk.

Cooking Outdoors:

Outdoor cooking and grilling are common in summers. If you are grilling be sure to:

    • Place grill away from building and branches.
    • Keep kids and pets at a safe distance.
    • Avoid grease build up.


The most annoying company in summers is of mosquitos. Our part of the world is abundant with dengue and other species of mosquitos that can cause fatal diseases. Stay safe using mosquito repellants and wear full-length sleeves and pants. If you happen to suffer from any infectious disease book an appointment with the best infectious disease specialist in Lahore, Karachi and all other main cities via Marham.pk.

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Picnic Brunches:

Early summer is the time when most people head out to enjoy the still-bearable warmth of the sun. Take care of what you eat especially foods with mayo that sat out for too long. Keep cold foods cold using an ice bank. Food poisoning is a common occurrence in summer.

Foot Injuries:

The everydayness of these surges as you start walking around barefoot in summer. Injuries from nails, broken pieces of glass or other sharp objects can be a cause of concern for many especially if you are diabetic. To manage foot injuries in diabetics book an appointment with the best endocrinologist in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk.

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