8 Ways to Avoid Ear Disturbance During the Air Travel

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Travelling through an aircraft is a swift way of traveling. Many people around the globe choose this way of traveling due to its comfort and swiftness and many others have a dream to travel in the aircraft at least once. Although it is good in various ways it has some discomforts associated with it. Regardless of the price of the tickets and best service provided by the company a severe feeling of discomfort can ruin all the enjoyment of the air journey. Yes, this is not a myth. During the air travel, passengers suffer a strong disturbance inside the ear which may lead to chronic pain in some situations. Most of the times it subsides as journey ends but sometimes it may need you to consult an ENT specialist, to find an ENT/ear nose throat specialist in Karachi visit Marham.

Why does it Happen?

The air pressure of the inner ear and the air pressure on the earth are almost similar. But when the sudden change in altitude occurs it causes a change in air pressure. And this results in a strong sense of discomfort in the ear. Same thing happens during the air travel.

When plane begins its ascend the sudden change in altitude causes the pressure changes. The inner ear pressure quickly surpasses the outside pressure. So the eardrum quickly swells outward. And when plane come down to touch the ground after the journey the eardrum suddenly pinch inwards due to the higher pressure outside now. These rapid outward and inward movements of the eardrum cause the feeling of discomfort.

During the flight, the eardrum fails to vibrate properly so the person may also experience hearing problems and muffled sounds. Consult best ENT specialist in Islamabad for hearing problems.

How does it Feel?

The discomfort feeling during air travel is described as following;

Usually, these bad feeling disappear with the safe landing of the aircraft but sometimes it may cause permanent hearing loss and chronic tinnitus.

How Can it be Prevented?

To avoid these discomforting effects and enjoy the dreamy air travel to its full extent everyone should start the travel with full and appropriate management. ENT specialists prescribe following things to avoid ear disturbance during air travel.

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  • Yawn and swallow during the takeoff and landing. It will enhance muscular movement and help to maintain the pressure. A bubble gum or candy may be used for this purpose.
  • Gently blow, while pinching the nostrils and keeping mouth closed. This will also help to maintain the pressure.
  • Drink water or use pacifier for babies during the landing moments.
  • Never sleep when the plane is ascending or descending.
  • Use filtered earplugs.
  • Use decongestant nasal spray before 30 minutes of the flight.
  • Use oral decongestant pills cautiously.
  • Use specific eardrops having pain reliever and a numbing agent.

If the preventive measures did not work or feeling of discomfort persists after the travel you should consult ENT specialist as soon as possible. To consult with best ENT doctors in Lahore visit Marham.

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