9 Foods to Replenish Blood Deficiency

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Extreme fatigue, pale skin, general weakness, cold hands and feet, brittle nails and more often headaches are the common symptoms of blood deficiency, a major problem affecting many individuals nowadays. Anemia can lead to serious issues like stroke and heart failure. To consult the best general physician in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities to cure anemia and related complications log on to Marham. Here we are writing about s foods which you should regularly eat to make new blood to combat blood deficiency.

Leafy Green Vegetables:

All green vegetables like spinach, mustard and broccoli are enriched with iron. Eat them on daily basis or 3 times in a week to maintain blood levels.

Leafy Green Vegetables


Taking yogurt twice in a day, in morning and in afternoon replenish the blood deficiency in the quickest way.


This tasty fruit provides you the surplus amount of vitamin C which helps to absorb iron from dietary sources so it is a best companion for anemic persons.



What can be the more effective in blood production then this red fruit? Of course, it is the best one. Pomegranate juice in afternoon is the ultimate solution of blood deficiency.


Enriched with nutrients and iron, these sweet delights are good option for anemic. But if you are diabetic too you should consult your doctor first. For online consultation from best diabetologist in Lahore or Karachi you can log on to Marham.


All types of meat especially the beef is packed with enough iron and folic acid so can work wonder to regain the healthy blood level.

Replenish Blood Deficiency


The red tasty vegetable is good to produce new blood cells. You can eat it in raw form or consume its juice with orange juice to get the wondering benefits to vanish blood deficiency.

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All types of beans including soybeans, kidney beans, lentils and pinto are a good source of iron. Add them in your regular eating to save yourself from blood deficiency.

Pumpkin Seeds:

You can take them as portable snacks to regain blood levels as they are high in iron, zinc and vitamin K and all these work in blood formation.

  • Nothing is more important than health, so immediately add these food items in your menu to replenish or avoid blood deficiency
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