An Incredibly Awesome Journey of Untwisting Two Brains

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I always wonder what would it feel like while taking a baby out of a mother’s womb. How would it be to work on a beating heart? Don’t you think doctors are the ones who have this privilege (hard-earned no doubt! ) of seeing life from a unique angle? Just imagining it gives you goosebumps and they are ones doing it day in and day out.

A Rare and Extremely Complicated Case

Like I said doctors witness the life and its processes like no one else can. One most recent example of this was the surgery of twins. I was marveled by this news at BBC reporting how surgeons have successfully separated two Pakistani twin girls joined at the skull. Safa and Marwa are twins who were born with their skulls attached. This is a very rare scenario where the blood supply to each brain is coming from other brain attached to it.

This situation is medically termed as craniopagus conjoined twins. It is said that this case occurs once in 2.5 million births.

The procedure took place in Great Ormond Street Hospital. It took four months and three extremely complicated surgeries to completely separate two brains. This surgery literally meant untwisting two brains to detach their entangled blood supplies. Besides this sculpting, two skulls from one fused skull was a challenge in itself.

The Surgery Went Successful!

The success of this surgery has opened new avenues in neurosurgery. The use of 3D technology, imaging techniques, and models was taken to a whole new level for this surgery. Several surgeons and 100 hospital workers worked tirelessly to make this endeavor a success. Brain related surgeries are a matter of extreme precision and skill. You should only trust the best to help you in any such surgeries. Marham is an amazing online tool to find and consult the best neurosurgeons in Pakistan.

We wish Safa and Marwa a speedy recovery and a huge round of applause for all the professionals who helped these two lives to begin their awesome journey.


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