Diet Recommendations for all 5 Age Groups from Infants to Elderly

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From birth to death everyone experiences different age stages. Each stage is different so how can you think that food items for each life stage can be same? At each life, stage people need specific nutrients. Just have a look at following words to get know about them and take food accordingly.

Infants (0-12 months old):

Infancy is a stage of rapid growth and development. In this age, they need surplus proteins, vitamins especially vitamin D and iron. Fortunately, all these ingredients are present in mother milk. Do not be worried about fats of milk as infants can consume it easily.

Toddlers, Preschoolers, and School-Aged (1 to 8 years old):

At this time of growth, children need surplus proteins for muscular growth, calcium and vitamin D for stronger bone, healthy fats and carbohydrate for energy and functioning even the cholesterol inadequate amount for healthy brain functioning. Low-fat dairy products and fresh fruits and vegetables are a good choice of foods in this age.

Diet Recommendations for all 5 Age Groups from Infants to Elderly

Pre-teens and Teens (9 to 19 years old):

This is the age of final growth. Now the body is preparing itself for changes of adolescence. Adolescence comes with problems some time which require advice from a good psychiatrist. In Lahore these issues are higher, to consult the best psychologist in Karachi you can take help from Marham. Now, even more, calcium and vitamin D are needed but higher fats are not recommended now. Iron and vitamin B-12 are also especially needed at this stage to avoid anemia and blood deficiency.

Adults (19 to 50 years old):

Growth is almost done now the basic requirement is to maintain energy level and health status. High iron and folic acid are needed now with enough calcium, vitamin B family, and vitamin D. Calories needed are healthy calories so now so low-fat diets are recommended to maintain healthy body weight.

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Seniors (50 years old and older):

This is the age when almost all things are going wrong and it seems impossible to keep them working. Fewer fats and carbohydrates but high fiber, calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B-12 diet is needed now. Due to digestion issue, diet fails to provide all nutrients required. It is wise to use supplements to maintain healthy levels of nutrients.

  • Keeping these guidelines in the view according to your age you can maintain health status and avoid major deficiencies.

Few Most Popular Nutritionist in Pakistan:

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Yumna Chattha

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Dr. Shehla Javed

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