Do you Know these 4 Foods can Cause High cholesterol In Your Body?

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Being a foodie is always fun until you realize that it has taken you far away from health. Our most of the gossips start with mentioning the new restaurant and end up with selecting one. From desi “Paaye” to Continental “Chicken Pollo” foodies are always ready to entertain their taste buds.

These foods contain a high amount of fats, cheese, and oil that can slow down your body’s machinery. Although some nutrients are highly beneficial for the body, on the other hand, their excessive use can ruin your health for a long-lasting time.

Here is the list of food that can Cause High cholesterol and should use in slightly less amount.


Although eggs are healthy they also cause of high cholesterol as well. Patient of diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity must keep their hands easy on eggs. It is not necessary to quit eating eggs at all but for a healthy life eat fewer eggs.

Full-Fat yogurt

This yogurt is enriched with fats. It is full of nutrition for kids but there is a huge difference between a kid’s growth and an elderly person’s growth and lifestyle. Kids are mostly involved in healthy activities so it is easy for them to digest fatty food and turn it into energy.

Fast food

Eating burger, cheese, and pizzas are always not a good option. It directly affects your heart and creates fatness around the heart really quick. These food items also cause other chronic diseases. Processed food is also causes of high cholesterol in the body.


Cupcakes, molten lava, and cheesecake. Yes! These names are highly tempting. But do you know what can happen after eating all these? You can be suffered from obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. These desserts are full of dairy products that are the culprit for high cholesterol level in the body.

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