Does Caffeine Treat Migraine And Other Headaches?

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October 29, 2020: Caffeine is something that on average 90% of the population in Pakistan enjoy. But it is said that the headaches that you get very often are triggered by this excessive caffeine intake. Caffeine can be a headache inhibitor.

We can not take ourselves away from caffeine as it is around us all the time. It can be found in various common beverages that we consume every day. Be it chocolate or even some over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers. The question is, how is it affecting or helping our heads?

Before a headache or migraine starts affecting a person, the blood vessels tend to enlarge and upsets our blood functioning. Whereas in caffeine there is an element known as “vasoconstrictive” that works to cause the blood vessels to narrow and normalize our blood flow, which eventually aids in relieving pain. So, the next time you feel a headache, get a chilled coke, and experience the wonders!!

Whereas on the other hand, caffeine certainly does not directly cause headaches but too much of it can cause you a “caffeine rebound.” A caffeine rebound headache occurs when a person is in the withdrawals of caffeine after continuous consumption. Though there are no serious physical symptoms of caffeine rebound it can mess with your head pretty badly.

Even if you find out that consuming caffeine, whether coffee or fizzy drinks helps to prevent migraines, do not rely on them very much. It’ll make your body too used to that caffeine you’re drinking that it’ll then stops being effective. Do not take them as an escape for more than one or two days a week.

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